Mar 3, 2013

I am Changing My Focus & Blogsites

There isn't enough time in the day to do everything I would like to do.  Part of my problem is that there are many things that I like doing. I can multi-task but I'm not that good at it. There's always something that doesn't get enough of attention, so I decided to discontinue posting on this blog, and focus my attention to my new blog. Well, it's not that new, I just changed blogsites. I went with Wordpress which allows me a lot more freedom and my new blog looks more polished. I am much happier with it.

If you would like to read about health, my experience with cancer patients, alternative healthcare, healthy organic foods (in my case vegan foods) Buddhism and how it relates to keeping me healthy, then please come along. My blog address is

I really enjoyed writing about crafting, flea markets, and collecting treasures but I think it's time to change my focus. 

Thank you for taking the time to check in!   

xo     Inge


Feb 19, 2013

Art Therapy - Part of Cancer Treatment

Creating art is a terrific part of complementary therapy when undergoing cancer treatment --- or any type of treatment for that matter.  UCI offers art therapy to its patients,  but you don't have to be part of a group to enjoy creating art.

Kirsten is one of the patients I visit with at UCI Medical Center and is an artist. She likes to paint on different types of mediums. She prefers to stay at home and paint. This is a sample of her work:

You don't have to paint, you can write poetry, cook, collage or whatever. I even have a patient who brings a coloring book and crayons to pass the time while she receives chemotherapy.

If you prefer spending time and creating with a group, ask your doctor if there is an art program at your hospital or medical center.

xo   Inge


Feb 18, 2013

It's Inspiration Monday! Feb. 18, 2013

Have a great week and be sure to inspire someone!
xo   Inge

Feb 15, 2013

Lily and Hoss playing

There's never a dull moment in the Scott household!

xo   Inge

Feb 11, 2013

It's Inspiration Monday Feb. 11, 2013

Have a great week and be sure to inspire someone else!

xo   Inge

Feb 9, 2013

Feeling Yin in Winter

I don't know about you but during the winter months I get more lazy, especially if it's cloudy and cold. I want to stay in my jammies and either read or watch movies. I definitely have trouble motivating myself to get off my duff.

A friend who is an acupuncturist told me this is the Yin time of year and its normal. She feels the same way and doesn't really start anything new that is time consuming.

I looked it up and by gosh, she is right. You can read more about it here.   According to Chinese medicine, winter relates to the feminine, called yin and is considered dark, cold and receptive (I don't know if I like the idea that feminine is dark and cold) but it's also a time to go inward...for reflection, which makes sense to me. Its all about staying in balance and I'm all about that. Spring/summer = energy; fall/winter = rest.

I have always been this way and I just thought I was being lazy; now I know I'm just 'reflecting'...that's my story and I'm sticking to it. I am a sensitive person and it makes sense that I am sensitive to the change in seasons. I just never looked at it that way before. I can now continue with my reflecting behavior and not feel guilty.

xo    Inge

Feb 7, 2013

A bird ballet | Short Film

Don't forget to look up to see the beauty of life   <(")

xo     Inge

Feb 5, 2013

Do You Know What's in Your Organic Foods?

Do you know what's in your organic foods? Have you ever heard of Carrageenan?  Did you know its used in making aircraft de-icers? It is in a lot of our foods and is not healthy for us. Click here to read why.

Now that you know, here is a handy shopping guide that you can download and bring with you when you shop that list alternative foods that do not contain Carrageenan.

xo   Inge

Feb 4, 2013

A Pep Talk from Kid President to You

Wow! Can you believe it??? We are starting the month of February already! How many of you broke your New Years resolutions yet????  Thats ok, if you did...the most important thing is you are aware and want to live a better, healthier life. You can always start over and don't give up!

Its another Monday and that means its Inspiration Monday! I found this video over the weekend and couldn't wait to share it with you. Kids say the darndest things and this particular young guy says the most thoughtful and inspiring words that we need to hear...especially we grown ups!

Have a great week and be sure to inspire someone else!    xo  Inge