Nov 17, 2008

I like Keepsake Boxes

and I found beautiful ones at I have never seen such unique keepsake boxes than the ones Pamela makes and sells in her etsy shop.

She writes that she has always been enamored of the keepsake box, the reliquary, the chinese box that only she knew the secret way to open. In the spirit of treasures and secrets, She has been making Keepsake Boxes for clients and friends for several years. She enjoys creating them so much that she is now making a few available through The Shoppe at The House of Edward. Each one unique, these boxes feature vintage and antique items and are embellished with various florals and German glass glitters. And, each one comes with an autographed photo of Edward himself!

I think her shop name is great too... so sophisticated and quirky! These keepsake boxes will make a great Christmas gift by itself or to put something fabulous in for you or that special someone! sure to visit her blog

Happy Monday and don't forget to laugh out loud today!



Crafty Green Poet said...

those are gorgeous...

Scarlet Fields said...

You are so right, those are just gorgeous boxes. Thanks for taking the time to share! Scarlet