Feb 23, 2008

Wow! My first blog!

This is my my first blog and my first entry! I just opened a store with etsy. So glad I found this site. I knew I couln't afford to open my own website on my own...don't know how to set up my own web page and cannot afford to hire someone yet. This is a great start! The etsy site is terrific! I already found two pair of earrings I just had to have!

Now I just have learn how to post my photos here. Who knew last year I would be doing this. I just bought a laptop last September. Sold on eBay for a few months, which was fun...the fees there are quite high and I only have one week to sell my item or relist for extra fees. I like etsy better cause I can list for 4 months...cheaper fees...no auction...it is more professional...and the best part is I am with other artists!

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