Sep 30, 2012

Yes on Proposition 37 to Label Genetically Engineered Food. We Have the ...

I swiped this chart off Food Babe's blog

I suggest fresh fruits and vegetables BUT I know we all like something to snack on occasionally, so why not be sure its good for us! And we are showing our support for those companies who are doing the right thing! Earning a living, while selling a product that is good for the environnment and good for us!

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Did I mention I am a contributing editor for the Orange Juice Blog? Its an online political rag and my beat is pretty much about health and the environment. A new vegan, raw restaurant is opening this week in Santa Ana. Here is the interview:

I have been 99% vegan a year this November. I decided to go vegan for heath reasons and to my surprise I don’t miss dairy or meat – ever. Its easy for me to fix a meal for myself at home, but eating out is - well it sucks. Not only do I have a small amount of choices from a mainstream restaurant menu, but now I have to ask my server if the food contains GMOs to which he/she replies “What’s a GMO?” If I had a nickel every time I heard that question….

The first time I met Marchell was in Tustin at the local antique market. I was a vendor and she was going around the market giving away samples of her homemade passion fruit juice. She was opening a raw food restaurant late summer in the Artists Village in Santa Ana and was giving out samples of her specialty drinks to outdoor venues around town. A couple of months later I attended a professional woman’s networking group at Harmony Arts & Wellness Center in Huntington Beach, and guess who was there? Marchell. She even brought 5 different raw desserts that she made herself. Like I said before, I am vegan but the only raw foods I ate were salads. I had no idea raw food could be so delicious and her presentation looks like something one would find in a four-star restaurant.
Marchell shared her story with us at the women’s group and what a story she had to tell. I knew I had to write about her for the OJB. She is a woman who is following her dream, the American dream.

Here is her story:

After years of suffering from multiple chronic health conditions, Marchell became an avid proponent of organic, living foods when she was cured of a serious illness after just eight months of a raw vegan diet. Since then, Marchell’s battle with chronic asthma, eczema, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and numerous other ailments have all joined the cured list of lifetime plagues. With the use of food as her medicine, Marchell’s health is more radiant than ever, with energy to spare.

Her enthusiasm and passion for the raw food lifestyle became an entrepreneurial reality when she was laid off from a teaching position in June of 2011. Always one to embrace change, Marchell welcomed the possibilities of the future with open arms and sky-high dreams. One year later, she is the owner and executive chef of Au NatuRaw Organic Garden Eatery in The Artists Village in Santa Ana. Her vision for success is to provide living foods that promote radiant health, classes that educate others about the importance of biodiversity and sustainability, and cooperative participation in ensuring the redemption and continued well-being of our planet.

Here’s our interview:
OJB: Why did you decide to open a raw food restaurant?

Marchell: Opening a RAW restaurant is the result of standing in the unemployment line and waiting for a check, but mostly because of the so few TRUE healthy options available to dine. The concept of Au NatuRaw is to provide diners the alternative option to GMO culinary faire without compromise! Au NatuRaw supports local farmers and uses all organic ingredients. Because the desire for organic ingredients has grown exponentially, Marchell’s outlook for the future is that non-GMO restaurants like Au NatuRaw will become the norm vs. the oddity on the block. Customers can always trust that their dining experience is an organic experience, with a gazillion tons of complimentary, down-home hospitality.
OJB: Restaurants are a tough industry. Do you have any restaurant experience?
Marchell: I grew up in a family that celebrated the art of culinary diversity. My mother prepared foods from scratch and my father was famous for his Southern dishes. I also have a twenty-something year career in the restaurant industry learning the culture, flavors, and temperaments from talented French, German, Italian, Mexican and Continental Chefs, who now inspire the specialties on Au NatuRaw’s menu.
OJB: What are some of your specialties?
Marchell: A Salade Nicoise, minus the anchovies, to an eleven layer lasagne made with zucchini noodle pasta; the daily seasonal raw vegan pizza, and mole enchiladas lead the menu in entrees.
Dessert specialties include key lime pie (Dad’s southern favorite), cheesecake made from cashews and young coconuts, and brownie a la mode. All desserts are organic, raw, vegan, gluten, dairy, and guilt-free!
After months pf preparation and an army of devoted volunteers Au NatuRaw will open its doors to the public on October 5th, to coincide with ArtWalk Saturday in Santa Ana, although a soft opening is planned for October 1st. If you would like to try something new and healthy, please come to Au NatuRaw located at 206 N. Broadway, Santa Ana. CA 92701. If you want to call ahead 714-227-3944.

You can find this story and others  over here  --->

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I made the abosulte BEST smoothie just now. I bought fresh figs at the store. They were on sale, so I figured I would try them. Eating them au naturale was pretty bland, so I decided to experiment. I peeled 7 figs and added them to 1/2 cup ...
coconut milk, a banana and threw them in a blender. WOW! Who needs milkshakes?  Make mine a fig smoothie! Figs are full of phyto-nutrients and anti-oxidents. They spoil fast so I suggest peeling and freezing them.

Sep 27, 2012

I went to Costco today and found some unrefined, organic coconut oil. They had a huge container of it for $17. That does sound like alot but it was 54 oz., compared to Sprouts brand 16 oz for $8. I stir fried some veggies in my wok, using 2 tblsps of the oil. Yum! I sprinkled my special anti-oxident (tumeric, garlic powder, black pepper) spice blend over them as well.

I scooped some out and put them in one of my empty bottles. I will use that coconut oil for my face moisturizer. You can learn more about the benefits of virgin coconut oil here:

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Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) - Myths and Truths

Sep 24, 2012

Derrick Brooks and Johan Santana autographed Jerseys!

I have medical bills up the ya-zoo, so I am selling these brand new, Men's size medium authentic jerseys for the bargain price of  $99 each, including shipping - inside the US. They each come with authentic certificate. If you want one or both please email me or better yet you can pay with Paypal. Just select my email address as recipient.

The black baseball jersey is Johan Santana, the guy who pitched a no-hitter, and the red and white #55 football jersey is Derrick Brooks from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Did I mention they are both autographed by the players?

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Sep 14, 2012

The Wholesome Hedonist: Confessions of a Processed Food Marketer: Taking O...

The Wholesome Hedonist: Confessions of a Processed Food Marketer: Taking O...: Ever wonder why the peanut butter you’ve been eating since you were a kid tastes different than it used to? Or why the chocolate cookies y...

Genetic Roulette Movie

Watch this movie. ITS FREE this week!  I just watched it and it will blow your mind! It connects GMOs and the epidemic of illnesses, including Autism

Sep 9, 2012

What you aren't being told about cancer


"There is little direct evidence of widespread ill health or ecosystem damage by the use of man-made chemicals."
Alan Perroy, Director General of the European Chemical Industry Council, in a 2001 letter to European Members of Parliament.
"It has now been scientifically demonstrated that there is indeed a link between chemical products and the appearance of diseases, such as cancers, infertility, degenerative diseases of the central nervous system and allergies."
CPME - Standing Committee of European Doctors, 2005


Hawaii GMO -MANSANTO PROTEST 6-28-2012

Sep 3, 2012


I am re-posting this  action alert from a group I belong to.  I truly believe our elected representatves no longer have our best interest at heart. This is the only way to take back our power and know whats in the food we are eatng. We have to boycott these companies because not only do they not label their geneticaly modified ingredients, they are spending millions of dollars to make sure we never know whats in our food. They claim its natural (which is no regulated) so if thats true why is that food patented?  Natural ingredients cannot be patented.

Please sign the petition and share this post.


 We are ready to launch!! Our first campaign target will be Kellogg's. The objective is to have this campaign last at least a week. The system is set up so that all you need to do is click on the link below for a little more info and to take action. You can edit the email that I've provided as much or as little as you would like. Unfortunately, you will need a US address to participate so I hope our foreign members have family/friends in the US who can help.

In order for us to ...

take back control of our food, we need this campaign to go viral. Please share the information and the link with your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. Post on your FB pages, blogs, and contact anyone you may know who can help spread the word via social media or otherwise.

After you use the CapWiz system to "Take Action", I hope you will also consider the following:

Tell Kellogg's what you think of their GMOs:

on Facebook: + individual product pages
call their Corporate Office: (269) 961-2000
call their Customer Affairs line: (800) 962-1413
contact them via snail mail:
Kellogg's Consumer Affairs
Battle Creek, MI 49016

Here's the link to "TAKE ACTION" and send your email to Kellogg's:

And, lastly, we've set up a petition to Kellogg's, asking them to make their products GMO free. Please sign and share :)

Please note that the more vocal we are as consumers, the more of an impact we will make. You are encouraged to take this as far as you are comfortable!!

Sh*t GMO Companies Say

What Genetically Modified Organisms are You Eating?