Jan 25, 2012

I decided to start a new blog that was geared towards cancer and not crafty vintage fun stuff...not saying there aren't times cancer is fun...who am I kidding cancer is not fun although one can have a fun day despite being ill. Anyway my new blog is called   "Rectal Cancer My Ass" and here is link...
 www.rectalcancermyass.blogspot.com. I still plan to post here but not so much about health issues...so if your looking for me to blog about my butt and butt related issues come over to Rectal Cancer My Ass.

Oh and eat your fruit & veggies!   xo  Inge

Jan 24, 2012

I saw my colo-rectal doc today, he is also my surgeon. I was there for my checkup but I also had this monster boil on my groin area that he decided to lance. If you ever had a boil to deal with, especially in your groin area you know it's no fun. If he didn't lance it I would have to walk around in pain all day, not knowing when it would go away on it's own. Anyway after alot of wimpering, ok semi... screaming doc lanced the damn thing and I was on my way. He shot the area with alot of lanacane so it felt pretty good...until 2 hours later then it really hurt. So I decided to take one of the pain killers I still have stashed away thinking it would do the trick. Thirty minutes later I felt dizzy and sick to my stomach...now these are the same pain killers I took last year when I was going through treatment and I ate them like candy. This pill was even a lower strength and I still got really sick. I had planned to go out later with a friend but all I could do was lay on the couch with a plastic pan next to me in case I threw up.

I am feeling better as I post this but not 100%. It's funny how much the body can take when it's really in distress. Last year I didn't get sick or dizzy but just felt better. Before I got sick last year I was always a wimp when it came to drugs and even alcohol for that matter..I guess I'm back to my old self.
Eat your fruits & veggies!  xo  Inge

Jan 13, 2012

***Update...the maternity pants did not work out. They kept sliding down my butt so I walked around looking like a gangsta momma. Not the look I want...so I returned them and bought yoga pants. They are working out nicely. yay! They are also long enough.  I wish they made them in denim too.

My legs have been bothering me the last couple of days. I found a video on youtube...yoga for the disabled and have been doing a modified version. Hopefully that is why my legs are "talking" to me at night. Two days ago my left leg didn't want to walk either...looks like I will be using my walker a litttle longer than I hoped. Oh, well...I have nothing to complain about! Last year I was in the hospital at this time getting poked with giant needles and herds of men dressed as doctors looked at my ass daily.

Eat your fruits & veggies!    xo   Inge

Jan 6, 2012

I went shopping for new undies today. I eventually would like to stop wearing pull-ups, but I want to find some that I can put my pouch in. Everything I found were either grannie undies or cost over $10 a pair. If I am gonna pay $10 for  pair of undies they better come with a vibrator!

Eat your fruit & veggies!   xo   Inge

Jan 2, 2012

A yoga rave??? Sounds like fun to me!

Sometimes I am so smart! I am gaining weight which is good but my jeans don't fit and when I sit down, I have to keep my pants unbuttoned and unzipped so I can breathe...then when I stand up I have to put it back together...it's a bit of a pain...sooo the other day I got a great idea. Wear maternity jeans! They have a stretchy stomach area so I have room for my bag and I don't have to mess with a button or zipper. I went to Sears today to buy John some jeans and we stopped by the maternity section. Bingo! They had a pair that fit and were long enough for my 6 foot tall frame :) I love it when I think outside the box :)

Eat your fruit & veggies!   xo  Inge

Jan 1, 2012

The Great Bell Chant


This was posted by a friend on facebook...I liked it so much I decided to share it with you.

 Happy 2012! I wish you all love, peace, good health, and abundance :)