Jun 29, 2012

Here are some photos of Hollywood Forever Cemetery I told you about in my last post...

Yes, that is a piano next the cyrpt.

This cross looked likes its made out of PVC pipe

This gravesite was huge. I guess this guy spent alot of time in his favorite chair.

Joey Ramone

This space is all for one family. Quite a spread if you ask me.
The majority of the graves seemed to be Jewish, Jewish immigrants to be exact. Many of the tombstones had their photos etched on the face. My favorite part of this cemetery is the Buddhist area. I feel more relaxed there. Don't know why though.

Jun 27, 2012

I drove to Los Angeles yesterday to meet James for lunch. He flew in from the Bay Area to work the Katey Perry event. She made an autobiographical movie. I guess thats the new thing now...since the reality shows are popular. I didn't get to see her performance before the movie premiere but I did visit Hollywood Forever Cemetary. I have gone before and since I like hanging out in cemetaries I enjoyed myself. Its always so peaceful and I think the residents like the company.

We also got a tour of Capitol Records (James employer), especially the roof, where we could see for miles...the smog wasn't bad that day.

My role models growing up

We ate lunch at Tender Greens. James said he would take me to a vegan restaurant but I let him off the hook and we settled for an organic place close to his work. I had the *Happy Vegan* salad but it looked more like birdseed with cranberries and lots of lettuce.

There was a Vegan smoothie truck parked on the street and I got a delicious smoothie. I don't remember all the goodies in it but I will look it up and post another day
His work put him up at the W Hotel. Look at that fancy staircase.
James is all ready to go help out Katy...

That bed is feather, with feather pillows. So comfey!

I took lots of pics at the cemetary and will post those next time.

xo  Inge

Jun 24, 2012

I wen to the Tustin Flea Market today with my friend Carole. I enjoy going there because its small, quaint and everyone is friendly. It has a small town feel to it. Carole makes and sells fun shoulder bags that fits an Ipad or Kindle. She also makes fabric eyeglass cases. I made some magnets and brought some succulents potted in vintage kitschy containers.  I'm tired but I always have a good time when I get to snoop around a flea market. Today a horse rescue had a booth.  They didn't bring horses but had some rabbits and a cute duck who were looking for homes. Here's their link...http://therapony.wordpress.com/

 Half the fun of going to the vintage flea markets is people watching. There's always some interesting fashionistas walking around.

 A whole rack of 50s table cloths

 The women display their booths so nice

 Anyone need ribbon, buttons or sewing accessories?
 Some interesting dress forms
 Doilies, doilies, and more doilies
 Every flea market in Southern California has to have something from Disney. I think its a law.
 This is the poster advertising the flea market dates in Old Tustin. Its put on by the owner of Whimzy. If you are ever in Tustin, you simply have to stop in to Whimzy.  You won't want to leave.

 This is a handpainted armoire. How fun would this be to keep your clothes in?

 This the duck I told you about. She gives hugs.
 Bunnies needing a forever home. If I bring home one more animal, I will be in the dog house.
 Carole made these pillows.
 I need to find a better way to display my magnets.
 My kitschy succulents.

Ipad bags galore!

Hope your weekend was a s fun as mine!  Did mention that last week I celebrated my one year being cancer free????   It feels great to get back into the swing of things  :)

xo   Inge

Jun 21, 2012

Update on the tomato and cucumber plants. Remember when I posted about growing organic tomatoes and cucumbers from seed in eggshells? Well, they got big enough to transfer to pots but I don't get enough sun (they need at least 6 hours a day) on my patio, so I gave them away to friends who have sunny back yards. Oh well, it was still fun to see them go from seed to a plant. I will stick succulents.
Its officially summer and in some places that means mosquitos. I found a terrific, inexpensive mosquito repellant that you can make using essential oils and a few more ingredients.

xo  Inge

Jun 12, 2012

I bought a few succulents from the Plant Stand in Costa Mesa and gave them a new home in some of my vintage/kitschy containers.

xo     Inge