Apr 28, 2008

Olive and I are back from L.A. Wow! What a whirlwind trip! I don't know how the settlers did it back in the day traveling across country. I found myself getting antsy the last 100 miles! I really do like driving better than flying because I enjoy seeing the countryside.

Back to work today. I wonder what adventures Jack's will have instore for me. I would much rather dabble in my art, or surf the web, or research moving to L.A. There is so much to think about, a new home, new job, and coordinating all of that! I think I will break it down to cities from L.A. to San Diego. There are alot. This will be a big move, so I need to research everything I can this time. I didn't do such a great job when we moved to Chico, especially in the wage department. But we needed to get out of S.F. because the environment was taking it's toll on my well being.

I need to get ready for work...

Apr 25, 2008

It's Saturday night and I'm giving my blog some love. Olive and I drove down from Chico to babysit my son, James furry kids while he and his girlfriend went to the concert in Cochello. We snooped around some thrift stores and I found some cute shirts. The thrift stores are a bit more expensive here but they have better quality stuff.
Tomorrow we will drive to San Diego and stop at yard sales on the way. Fun! Fun! Fun! Then we head back to Chico on Sunday, and if I can find it we will stop at the Santa Monica Flea Market. The freeways here are confusing and the drivers are going so fast I have only 3 seconds to decide where to exit so I don't get run over! And don't let me get started with the pollution! I read that the pollution from China finds it's way here via the jet stream. Can you believe it?!
I would like to tell you about an etsy shop that I discovered, http://www.designsbycher.etsy.com/ . I bought a pair of earrings from her and I really like them. Be sure to check out her shop, you might find that perfect Mother's Day gift!

Apr 19, 2008

It's Saturday and I am on day 3 of my sinus infection. At least that is what I think I have. Whatever it's called I don't like it! I'm sitting here lurking around etsy and flickr and watching "It's a Mad Mad World!" I absolutely love movies from the 60s and 70s. They had a certain charm and allowed the watcher to engage their imagination. Today so many movies and television shows for that matter spoon feed everything to the audience. Boring!!!

I would rather be working on my art and watching movies but I just don't have the energy. Yesterday I worked at the antique shop in Paradise. I enjoy going there, too bad I don't get paid for that. The shop has been pretty slow. Lot's of places are pretty slow around here. I believe we are in a recession, at least in Northern California. Next month the city of Paradise will hold it's annual Chocolate Festival. I will share space with other antique dealers from the mall in the store parking lot. I plan to sell my ooak mixed media as well. I think it will fit in because I incorporate vintage objects.

I have been thinking of holding a contest on my blog and give away one of my bird houses. It is still in the development faze. I have not done this before and need to do more research. I am thinking of holding the contest sometime in May. Stay tuned for more details.

I think I will make myself some nice chicken noodle soup...

Apr 14, 2008

I have been lurking around the flickr site lately. There are so many wonderful artists there, I can look at their work for hours. I discovered one artist that designs jewelry and collects vintage jewels, lace and birdies to name a few. The artists shop is http://www.bethquinndesigns.etsy.com/. Her flickr photos are incredible!

Someday when I have more time I want to learn how to make jewelry. I have been collecting vintage jewelry to incorporate them in my mixed media art. I also have alot of pearl necklaces that I want to hang soldered pendants from. I think the combination of the two look great!

Apr 11, 2008

It's Friday night and I'm learning how to do an etsy mini. There are so many computer things I am learning, I really can't believe it. Last year at this time I didn't even own a computer. I think the hardest thing for me so far is understanding the computer language. Thank goddess for Wikipedia! I look things up on that site almost daily. I also am grateful for Dave helping me learn how to use my laptop. If it weren't for him I would not be blogging right now, let alone selling on etsy and ebay! I forgot to feature a specific artist last Wednesday, so to make up for that, I will show another etsy mini that shows off some of my favorite etsy goodies.

Apr 9, 2008

I have found a terrific new shop at etsy.com that you must visit and buy their soap! http://www.whitelyesoap.com/. They offer a variety of essential oils, fragrance oils, and fresh botanicals. They are handmade and handcut. What I really like is that they offer specialty soaps for parties, hotels, special occasions, and healing soaps.

They have recently started featuring other etsy artists under the section, what is etsy? You must check out that section too!! I was chosen to be one of the shops featured for this month. I feel so lucky! So be sure to check out White Lye Soap Company . I know I will be shopping there.

Apr 6, 2008

What a nice weekend. John and I just puttered around the house doing chores and spending time with the critters. John made some fabulous potato salad and I got to get in my creative time which is very important to me. I can't wait until I can do this full time and support myself. I also made new flickr friends. Be sure to check out my flickr badge and see my new favorite photos. I joined Glitter Girls Club and was amazed by all the terrific glitter artists! I thought I was the only one over the age of 13 that adores glitter :)

I am thinking about featuring an artist on my blog , maybe on Wednesdays. I need to contact perspective artists first and see what they think. I picked up some very nice vintage glass salt & pepper shakers at a tag sale. This weekend was the first one which actually had alot of yard sales. Snooping around tag sales on Saturdays is a favorite thing for Olive and I to do. You never know what treasures will turn up!