May 29, 2011

I have watched Oprah on & off for the past 25 years...the last several years I did not watch her nearly as often...but when I did her message for that day was exactly what I needed to hear. I did not watch her last show but I have been watching her Master Class Program on the OWN Network. I was looking through her website today and came across a topic that I needed to hear again...even though I already know it... I think I needed to be reminded.

I believe if I had handled my stressful thoughts differently I might not have manifested my illness. As you know I suffer from OCD...thankfully it is not as bad as some people's can be...but I can obsess about a negative thought for hours even days. What my illness taught me is to let go of things I have no control over and to forgive others when I believe they have wronged me. There is alot in that article that I am guilty of but thankfully I have had my "Aha" moment and can change my thinking. I have been given a second chance to do it let be less stop "what if" be easier on myself.
I am grateful.
xo Inge

May 28, 2011

I copied this from the blog Open Market Style.


Her blog is also very nice to look at...

May 26, 2011

CJ treated me to a pedicure. I had fun but I have to admit it was a bit painful.

I am getting my groove back!

May 25, 2011

We found a new place to live! And it is in the condominium complex we wanted. We have friends there and I can walk 5 minutes to their door. It's also on the ground floor and the rent is 400.00 cheaper than what we are paying now. We have wanted to move for the last year but did not seriously start looking until a couple of weeks ago. There were two mega apartment complexes that we checked out and they nickled and dimed renters. For example they advertised an apartment for $1100 a month but when we got there they added $50 per pet per month... then an extra $50 a month for the 2nd car...then $50 a month for a refrigerator...and we had to buy renter's insurance! Oh and there was the $35 non-refundable credit check fee per person. I believe in a free market but these guys are rip-offs. It was cheaper for us to stay here.

But now we have a new place. I have been praying for this for a year and we had a sign posted at the complex for 4 months that we wanted to rent a bottom floor-one bedroom...then 2 days ago we got the call! We are so blessed!!! And grateful. God has answered all my prayers and I am so grateful!
xo Inge

May 24, 2011

I just got up a couple of hours ago and tested my ph. It was more yellow this time...meaning acidic. I was disappointed at first but I will retake it later. I am still learning about ph levels, so maybe they can fluctuate throughout the day. I plan to drink more green juice anyways. I drink about 8 ounces a day so I want to drink 16 ounces.

May 23, 2011

As you know I Changed my diet....mostly vegan...I say mostly because I do eat dairy at times. I was watching Dr. Oz last week and he did a show about diet and how most Americans still do not eat enough fruits and veggies, which means their ph level is acidic. That got me thinking...what is my ph and how do I find out if I am getting enough fruits and I bought some ph strips today. I found them at Henry's Market which has lots of healthy food and vitamins. I recommend you buy some and just see what your ph level is. Anyways I just took mine and my ph is 7.0...right in the middle where I want to be...the color is green...anything yellowish is acid and blue is alkaline...I think I could even go more bluish...maybe an extra 8 oz green juice will do the trick. xo Inge

May 22, 2011

Well, it's Sunday evening...another week gone by...even though I am not as busy as last year...working full time, running errands, taking care of the critters, etc. time still goes by fast! This week has been great for me. It was a week ago last Friday that I went shopping a couple of hours at a local outside mall (with the help of my walker and friends)...then I drove my car a couple of times with James and John. Yesterday I drove to my friends home...all by myself and walked up the stairs to their condo! That's huge for me...just under 5 months ago I was in the emergency room. I am soooo happy and grateful :)

xo Inge

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May 20, 2011

May 17, 2011

I drove my car today on a real road not just in my condo property! John was driving us home from the store and I asked him to pull over so I could drive the rest ofn the way home. It was uncomfortable for my butt. but I can drive myself short distances. Freedom!
xo Inge

May 14, 2011

I have given blood in the's been so long though I can't remember...but when I did I never really thought about it. I mean how that pint of blood would affect someone else... not until I was on the receiving end. Last December I needed 4 pints...all at once... there meant four people literally saved my life...did they know that their gift was that important? I know I didn't really think I was saving a life...I was just giving blood to help someone else. I will never know who these people were but I am so grateful that they gave me the gift of life.

xo Inge

May 13, 2011

My rehab is going very well. A couple of days ago James took me to our friends condo and I climbed the stairs to get to it. I haven't done that in 5 months. My leg is feeling better too... I am so grateful. It is still uncomfortable to sit on my butt for any length of time but that will get better with time.

My next goal is to drive...once I achieve that I'm free! Now don't get me wrong there are still thing that pop challenges...ever since I did the scan my phobias have reappeared...anxiety and panic was those that got me out of the house least I think so...fresh air is therapeutic at least for me. I know it's in my head but anyone who experiences the same knows the fear seems so real.

Then there is my nose and my sense of smell... I can't be around any chemical smell disguised as
a fragrance... be it deodorant or laundry soap. I never had that problem before. These problems can be overcome compared to what I know other people with the c-word are going through. I am definitely not complaining! Every day is a gift and I won't forget that :)
xo Inge

May 4, 2011

James is going home tomorrow for a few days... so I got in my car today and drove around the parking area in my condominium. I want to be mobile when I am alone...which is alot because John works full time...and last week I was getting depressed with a dose of panic attacks...I suffered from them many years ago and they made my life miserable...anyone suffering from them knows what I mean...anyways I cannot allow myself to go down that road. I have come to far and I want to get my life back. My doctors are happy with my progress and want me to continue to get out and walk as much as possible...that is the key to my full recovery.

I also gained 2 more pounds...I weigh 138...that's 10 pounds less than before I got sick. Did I mention my juicer is here? I'm glad I got the mini because it is huge! I already made myself a cucumber-apple juice...YUM! It really makes alot of I have to find a store that sells organic least cucumbers, apples, and celery...oh and not pay a huge amount. It is a crime that the food that is healthy costs more and the food that is bad is cheap! John & I were in Von's today and they did not have anything organic to offer in the produce section...I talked to the produce guy about it and he told me that organic just does not sell in that store but the store across town does. So we went over to the milk section to buy some organic milk and all the organic ones expired today...I mean there was maybe one missing but the regular milk-pumped full of hormones was nearly sold out! The produce guy was doesn't sell in that store. So I plan to call around and find out which stores do sell organic and hopefully at a reasonable price. xo Inge
I'm with James at Target. I never rode one of these walking for butt is still tender but getting better everyday :) xo Inge

May 3, 2011

James is hosting a benefit for me at a local bar, The NorthStar, in San Francisco. I wish I could go but I can't make the trip just yet. I am one lucky mom! Oh, the reason I'm riding an ostrich is because the benefit is happening the day of the Kentucky Derby and since my nickname is Ingebird it makes sense... to us anyways LOL!

May 2, 2011

Yesterday was a big day for me. I shopped at Trader Joes with my hubby...I have not been in a store in over 4 months...I held onto the shopping cart and John put in the groceries. It's interesting to get excited about something we do evryday without giving it much thought except for what is on the list.

Then we went to a BBQ party at our friends condo. The weather was lovely...I sat in the shade and watched the playing in then pool...meeting new people. I met a retired couple
who own a travel trailer...they took 6 years off and explored the US and Canada. That is what John and I want to do...well, not travel the whole US but parts of it...Route 66 for sure. We plan to rent a Mini Wini or something similar and snoop around Arizona and California.

For now I am happy driving around Anaheim...sitting in the fresh air...oh, and sitting in the front seat of the car...I have been laying down in the back seat because my tush was too tender to sit on...the front seat is not that comfy but I make it work.
xo Inge