May 25, 2011

We found a new place to live! And it is in the condominium complex we wanted. We have friends there and I can walk 5 minutes to their door. It's also on the ground floor and the rent is 400.00 cheaper than what we are paying now. We have wanted to move for the last year but did not seriously start looking until a couple of weeks ago. There were two mega apartment complexes that we checked out and they nickled and dimed renters. For example they advertised an apartment for $1100 a month but when we got there they added $50 per pet per month... then an extra $50 a month for the 2nd car...then $50 a month for a refrigerator...and we had to buy renter's insurance! Oh and there was the $35 non-refundable credit check fee per person. I believe in a free market but these guys are rip-offs. It was cheaper for us to stay here.

But now we have a new place. I have been praying for this for a year and we had a sign posted at the complex for 4 months that we wanted to rent a bottom floor-one bedroom...then 2 days ago we got the call! We are so blessed!!! And grateful. God has answered all my prayers and I am so grateful!
xo Inge

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