Aug 29, 2010

Friends in Need Animal Rescue

I was at the dog park today with our furbabies, it finally cooled off enough to take Lucy out... she is prone to seizures if she is in the heat too long even though she is taking anti-seizure meds. A family showed up with a triped dog, a corgi mix... this dog walked and played like normal with the other dogs. What I found amazing is that the woman told us that the dog had just been rescued off the street and lost its leg only two weeks ago. It had apparantly had been hit by a car and the leg bone started mending itself for a while (it was not fresh break) the only way to save the dog was to amputate. These people were not rich by any means but they opened their hearts and pocket book to save this dog.

These stories make me want to start my foundation even more. One way or another I will find a way to open and run my thrift shop so I can help people like the ones I met a the dog park pay their vet bills. For now I have to put that dream on hold because I have to work to pay my own vet bills, not to mention the everyday stuff. I would like to find a local animal organization that I can volunteer at and learn the ropes until I can afford to open my own place.

I found this animal rescue on Google... I sure would like to have something like this as well. For now I will keep dreaming and rescuing as many animals that I can... after all dreams really do come true!

Hope your week is fun and don't forget to laugh outloud!
xoxo Inge

Aug 15, 2010


And doors will open where there were no doors there before

Joseph Campbell

Aug 13, 2010

Yesterday Cooper and I went to the Dog Days of Summer at the Fullerton Market. We met up with our friends Bob, Caryl and Harley.

Skipper enjoying the market with his new wheels

One of the attendees sporting his new summer Mohawk

One of the pooches looking for a wonderful new home

Thank you Doggie Dinners for donating all the dog treats!

Harley laughing at the Doggie Show

Cooper and Harley telling secrets

Harley found time for a quick pedicure

Bob finds out that you can lead a dog to the food bowl but you can't make him perform!

Cooper likes his new friend Caryl

Kathy and Lucy having fun at the market

Lucy showing off her hula dancing skills

There were lots of animal rescue organizations there.... if only I had a bigger home! Greyhound Rescue

I also want to give a shout out to the many terrific vendors selling delicious treats, toys, and doggie accessories. Here are their links: Fabulous pet photographer Enlightened training Adorable hand stitched pets Fun leashes for your pooch Delicious healthy food for your pets

Cooper and I had sooooo much fun! It was a great way to spend a Thursday afternoon.

Hope your week is fun and full of howling laughter! xo Inge

Aug 11, 2010

I know there has been non-stop news coverage about the infamous flight attendent, Steven Slater, but I have to put my two cents in. I have worked in customer service for well over 20 years, mostly as a food server and let me tell you serving food to the public can be a pain in the ass. If I had access to an emergency slide I would have used it at least one a month if not at times weekly. If you have worked in customer service then you know what I mean. If you haven't then you would not believe how people can treat others... not all mind you but a fair amount. There are people who think that food servers are stupid and are not capable of doing anything else... I am here to tell you it is one of the hardest jobs around. Try taking care of 6 tables at once with 4 people at each table and keeping everyone happy until their food arrives.. you try it! ... most of them think they are in their own private restaurant and cannot order off the menu, they must create their own version of the meal... which slows things down. Then there are the ones who must tell their whole life story right in the middle of dinner hour. If the food is cold, undercooked, overcooked, slow coming out it is always the server's fault. I think the best story is when I was Assistant Manager at Marie Callenders last year... this woman paid for her and a friend's meal with her bank card... the money came out of her checking account and a couple of hours later she came back angry at me that I did not tell her that the bank would put a hold on her funds and she did not have money left to buy essentials (it was a Friday and I guess the money was on hold until Monday) anyways somehow she decided it was my fault and I needed to refund her the money! How crazy is that! Not only are we to bring her food but now we must offer financial counseling? She threatened to call Corporate on me if I did not do what she said (If you have ever had to deal with Corporate you know that they will throw you under the bus in order to keep the customer happy) so as a compromise I gave her 2 free pies to take home. Which tells me she just wanted something for free.
Anyway, back to Steven, he did what we dream of doing and for that I elect him employee of the year!!!!!
Hope your week is fun and full of laughter and close proximity to an escape slide! xo Inge

Aug 9, 2010

I am reading a new book, well, it's not new... but new to me. I picked it up at the library. I don't know what I would do without my library... does anyone in the political scene understand how important it is for society to have access to a free library???? There are soooo many books I never could have read if it were not for our local library.
Gotta go and find out what treasure is inside the pages...
xo Inge

Aug 8, 2010

Rolling Dog Ranch

is in a contest to win money for their sanctuary. All you have to do is vote. Go to this site

and type in Rolling Dog Ranch and their postal code MT.

Thanks!!!!! Inge

A Tribute To My Friend Toofie

I did not know Toofie for long.... only about 2 months but I connected with him instantly and felt that I knew him forever. He was a 5 pound, 18 year old Chihuahua and we met at the Fullerton Farmers Market where I gave chair massages every Thursday evening. He was one of those old souls that leave an impression everywhere he went... he wasn't just an ordinary dog. You have met them and probably have one in your family... they have such personality and character that you know they are special souls.

His life with Bob & Caryl began 4 years ago at the Orange County Pet Expo. He was sitting inside a cage waiting... hoping to find a loving home. He was 16 years old at the time and had been through more than most humans his age... he was missing all but one front tooth... hence the name Toofie and had lost half of his bottom chin from cancer. The rescue organization told Bob & Caryl that he had probably lived on the streets of San Diego for a very long time and had been picked up in the middle of a busy intersection. Talk about Divine Intervention! and finally after lots of medical care he was ready to start a new... happier life with someone else. Bob told me that no one paid him any attention though... he figures it was because of his age and he did look a little rough around the edges... but for Bob it was love at first site! He knew Toofie was meant to go home with him and Toofies new and better life journey began.

Toofie's new home consisted of a couple of cats and 4 other dogs.... Bob & Caryl devote their lives to caring for what they call "misfits" and Toofie from the very start was the new boss. He went everywhere with Bob & Carol... charming anyone he came into contact with and that included me. Toofie also particpated in the Dog events that are held around the county, including Dog Days of Summer at Fullerton Market in August.
About 6 weeks ago just after his 19th birthday, Toofie crossed over (heart failure) and now rests in Bob & Caryl's backyard. I am glad I met Toofie... he is a wonderful example of how to live life in the moment and not let a little thing like, missing teeth, cancer, or heart disease stop him from enjoying life. I never heard him complain... not once... he knew he was special, handsome, charming, and a survivor. I am also glad I met Bob & Caryl who see the inner beauty of special needs animals and are willing to open their home and hearts to them. They are a perfect example of loving compassion and walk their talk. Toofie will be greatly missed but he will live in our hearts forever.
xo Inge