Aug 8, 2010

A Tribute To My Friend Toofie

I did not know Toofie for long.... only about 2 months but I connected with him instantly and felt that I knew him forever. He was a 5 pound, 18 year old Chihuahua and we met at the Fullerton Farmers Market where I gave chair massages every Thursday evening. He was one of those old souls that leave an impression everywhere he went... he wasn't just an ordinary dog. You have met them and probably have one in your family... they have such personality and character that you know they are special souls.

His life with Bob & Caryl began 4 years ago at the Orange County Pet Expo. He was sitting inside a cage waiting... hoping to find a loving home. He was 16 years old at the time and had been through more than most humans his age... he was missing all but one front tooth... hence the name Toofie and had lost half of his bottom chin from cancer. The rescue organization told Bob & Caryl that he had probably lived on the streets of San Diego for a very long time and had been picked up in the middle of a busy intersection. Talk about Divine Intervention! and finally after lots of medical care he was ready to start a new... happier life with someone else. Bob told me that no one paid him any attention though... he figures it was because of his age and he did look a little rough around the edges... but for Bob it was love at first site! He knew Toofie was meant to go home with him and Toofies new and better life journey began.

Toofie's new home consisted of a couple of cats and 4 other dogs.... Bob & Caryl devote their lives to caring for what they call "misfits" and Toofie from the very start was the new boss. He went everywhere with Bob & Carol... charming anyone he came into contact with and that included me. Toofie also particpated in the Dog events that are held around the county, including Dog Days of Summer at Fullerton Market in August.
About 6 weeks ago just after his 19th birthday, Toofie crossed over (heart failure) and now rests in Bob & Caryl's backyard. I am glad I met Toofie... he is a wonderful example of how to live life in the moment and not let a little thing like, missing teeth, cancer, or heart disease stop him from enjoying life. I never heard him complain... not once... he knew he was special, handsome, charming, and a survivor. I am also glad I met Bob & Caryl who see the inner beauty of special needs animals and are willing to open their home and hearts to them. They are a perfect example of loving compassion and walk their talk. Toofie will be greatly missed but he will live in our hearts forever.
xo Inge

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Michele said...

I always like to hear these kinds of stories. Although he passed, your friends gave him a second chance at life and not many people would have. He was loved and I am happy to hear that their are more people like this in the world who could find it in their hearts to love an older dog,that had some issues in his life. LOL Don't we all have issues :) I think he was as cute as could be. My next doggie will be an oldie but goodie :) Thanks for sharing this story,Michele