May 30, 2008

Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow May 31st is the last day to enter my free giveaway. Check out the May 15th post to see what I am giving away and to enter. All you have to do is leave a comment and I will draw from those names June 1st. I will name the winner in my Sunday blog. Good luck! And have a super delicious weekend!

May 28, 2008

It's my Friday!!!! I am sooo happy! My feet are sooo happy! I am so over this waitressing gig. I don't know what I would do if I had to work more than three days there. If John and I weren't moving in a year, I would leave. Ok enough of that subject. Look what I found at my favorite thrift store! I had to have this adorable poodle. Someone made her. She is not store bought. She stands about 12 inches tall. I have not given her a name yet and I am open to suggestions. If you have one leave it in my comment section. I plan to put together a dream board this weekend so I can manifest my shop. I also need to finish some books I'm reading because they need to go back to the library. I don't know what I would do without my library. It allows me to be able to read so many of my beloved stories for free because I could never afford to buy them all. Right now I'm reading The Cat Who Had 60 Whiskers, by Lilian Jackson Braun. I have read about 10 of her books. They are an easy read and I enjoy the who dunnit style books, especially when the sleuths are two kitties.

May 25, 2008

What a busy weekend! Working at the antique shop in Paradise on Saturday, there was a moment I almost fell asleep! The sun was shining through the window and it felt sooo good and made me sooo sleepy! It's great when I work there because I can sit down whenever I want. When I am at the restaurant I have to stand even when it's slow.

My friend Vanessa graduated from Chico State today. She has a degree in Liberal Studies and a teaching credential. That young woman has been in school since she was in kindergarten. I can't imagine that. She worked at night at the restaurant and went to school full time in the day. It is a real shame... no it's a crime that the US which was once the greatest country does not view educaton as our societies greatest asset. European countries and Japan (there probably are more) take care of the younger generation and educate them for free. The students and their families take the education seriously and make sure they do their best. I have inlaws who live in Switzerland and their government gives their citizens every opportunity to be successful. Don't even get me started aout their health care system! I am proud of Vanessa because she worked hard to get that degree. I hope she will have an easier time getting a teaching job in California. I hope you hear me Arnold!

I managed to find time to find some of my wedding decorations this weekend. I will put them up for sale in my etsy shop just in time for the wedding season.

May 23, 2008

I just added new goodies to my etsy shop. Check out my creations at the top of this blog. I have been working with collage alot lately. It is easier than working with mosaic because I can stay indoors, sit in my favorite chair, and hang out with my furbabies.

Tomorrow I work at the antique shop. I really enjoy that. Hopefully it will be busier. The students at Chico State are graduating this weekend and there are lots of visitors. After Tuesday the majority of students will go back home and the City of Chico will be very quiet until late August. I'm still looking for more people to enter my free drawing. All you have to do is leave a comment and your entered. Check out the May 15th post for more details...

May 17, 2008

John and I didn't make it to Folsom. It's a gas issue. Not me but the car and how much money it will cost us gas wise to get there. We will postpone the trip until sometime in June. Cooper, my chihuahua had to get his teeth cleaned so that set us back a bit too. Alas, the problem of of not being wealthy (sigh). There are times when we have to choose what to spend our money on. I did, however score at a thrift shop! I can stretch a dollar there and get my collecting stuff fix. I got all those cups and saucers with the silver plated knives and forks for $8.00!

So far I only have one comment for the drawing and giveaway. Check out the May 15th post to get in on the contest. Who knows you might be the winner!

I made two more collage pieces for my etsy shop. Both are an angel theme. I have other ideas for collage pieces but there is only so much time in the day...

Oh, by the way, has this ever happened to you? You put something down on the coffee table like two picture frames and one of them completely disappears? I don't mean disappearing infront of my eyes. I mean you pick up one and start working with it and when it is time to get the 2nd one you can't find it! This is the 3rd thing that has disappeared in a week. I lost my new AA batteries that I bought to put in my Walkman (yes I said Walkman! I refuse to spend money on those newer models) so I can practice my French lessons without bothering John, and the vintage Avon poodle perfume bottle. It is driving me crazy! I have searched all over my house.

I'm going to look some more...

May 15, 2008

I decided to have a drawing. If you want to enter leave a comment and I will draw a name. The winner will get this ooak inspirational wall hanging sign pictured above. I will draw the winner June 1st and list the winning name in my blog.

I haven't been working on my art as much as I like this week because I worked 6 days last week and since I am not as young and fresh it takes me longer to get my groove back. However, I plan to get going tomorrow. The weather is definitely hotter today and my bones like that! I have lots more energy this time of year and will until late October when all I want to do is stay home in my jammies, drink hot chocolate and watch old movies. But that is 5 months away!

The yard sales got into high gear last weekend, but since I worked I did not get to check them out. I sure was tempted though, since I was driving around Chico delivering Mother's Day flowers for a local flower shop.

This Saturday, John and I will drive to Folsom to check out some antique shops. I will blog about it when I get back and include photos...

Well, don't forget to leave a comment so you can be entered in the drawing. Good Luck!

May 5, 2008

Well, back to the drawing board with my teacup bird feeders. The tomato stakes are so flimsy that when I glued the teacup and saucer to it it drooped. Kinda hard for birds to feed from it when the feeder is hanging on it's side! I need to look for a heavier stake. Luckily I bought 10 and used 4 so I can return the rest.

My weekend was fun but as always too short. I made some aceo magnets and I sold my salt and pepper shakers from my etsy shop, Cootiequeen. John and I took the dogs to the dog park this morning which is always fun for the dogs and us. This coming weekend will be busy for me. I will sell at the Chocolate Festival on Saturday and then Friday and Sunday I will deliver flowers for Mother's Day.

May 2, 2008

I made it through the work week. Well, actually, I work three days but it feels like six! I got alot accomplished today. I am making bird feeders to sell at the Chocolate Festival next weekend. I am using these pretty tea cup and saucers I found the Salvation Army, and attaching tomato stakes to them. I thought about selling them in my etsy shop but I don't know how to go about mailing them because of the length.

I am also working on magnets for the fridge. I want to do a cowgirlish theme. There are so many ideas swirling inside my head, I have trouble keeping up at times. I was in my art room looking for something and when I opened one of my boxes I discovered Scout and Jinx hiding with the bird houses and flowers! Those two just love going into that room and getting into mischief. I just had to take this picture of Olive and Cooper waiting to shopping in their doggie bag. They are so cute! I love my furbabies so much! Well, back to my art work.

Oh, I almost forgot, I was invited to join the Faerie Zine at Flickr. I am so honored and excited. The site is private but you can view the groups administrator's blog. Her name is Lisa Kettell and she is listed under my favorite artist list to the right of this blog. Just click on her name and you will enter her magical world of art and whimsy! Have fun!