May 17, 2008

John and I didn't make it to Folsom. It's a gas issue. Not me but the car and how much money it will cost us gas wise to get there. We will postpone the trip until sometime in June. Cooper, my chihuahua had to get his teeth cleaned so that set us back a bit too. Alas, the problem of of not being wealthy (sigh). There are times when we have to choose what to spend our money on. I did, however score at a thrift shop! I can stretch a dollar there and get my collecting stuff fix. I got all those cups and saucers with the silver plated knives and forks for $8.00!

So far I only have one comment for the drawing and giveaway. Check out the May 15th post to get in on the contest. Who knows you might be the winner!

I made two more collage pieces for my etsy shop. Both are an angel theme. I have other ideas for collage pieces but there is only so much time in the day...

Oh, by the way, has this ever happened to you? You put something down on the coffee table like two picture frames and one of them completely disappears? I don't mean disappearing infront of my eyes. I mean you pick up one and start working with it and when it is time to get the 2nd one you can't find it! This is the 3rd thing that has disappeared in a week. I lost my new AA batteries that I bought to put in my Walkman (yes I said Walkman! I refuse to spend money on those newer models) so I can practice my French lessons without bothering John, and the vintage Avon poodle perfume bottle. It is driving me crazy! I have searched all over my house.

I'm going to look some more...

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