May 30, 2010

Two of My Greatest Teachers

I have learned a lot from my pets lately. I lost 2 of them these past 12 months - Austin, a male orange, tabby cat and Olive, a teacup Chihuahua. I miss both of them everyday and think about how they lived and how they enriched my life. They had unique personalities and people were drawn to them like they were celebrities. There was something about their vibration that people wanted to be around.
The main thing I remember is they lived in the moment everyday. They were happy and showed it. They were persistent when they wanted something. They did not dwell about the past or worry about the future. They loved unconditionally. They adapted to change in their environment. They were grateful and showed it often. They relaxed and slept when and where they felt like it. They knew how to "go with the flow". They never held a grudge and were willing to forgive and forget. They lived in the now. They didn't need to read a book to teach them they just lived it - naturally.
I have other pets whom I love and I am grateful to share my life with. I see them differently now and want to learn from them. They each have their unique personalities too and live the same lifestyle Olive and Austin did. I see it now - I didn't notice it as much before. I want to learn from these wonderful furry teachers and live my life the same way.
I am grateful I was trusted by Source to take care of these animals and for them to trust, love, and teach me about life. I wish I had seen it earlier - but I guess better late than never and I "get it " now.
I am forever grateful!
Hope you have an "aha" moment this week and don't forget to laugh out loud.
xo Inge

May 24, 2010

I sold my container gardens at the Avocado Festival in La Habra on Saturday. I had a good time. It had a small town feel to it... you wouldn't know LA is only minutes away... ok, depending on the traffic!

I was told these are called scat... they looked like turds to me!
xo Inge

I am reading lots of things talking about trust. I think that is my lesson (one of many) that stands out for me now. I have been using my credit cards lately to pay vet expenses. I got myself into trouble about 10 years ago with credit cards when I was out of work and I do not want to get myself in that jam again. But one of my Chihuahuas got very sick (end stage heart disease) and I wanted to give her the best life I could because she wanted to fight and live a bit more... then a week before she died I rescued another small dog in the middle of a busy street and took it home. I have done this before and we usually can find the owners but this time we noticed she was skin and bones, her eyes were infected and dehydrated. The next day we took her to our vet and we were told she had some medical problems and did we want to spend the money on a dog we just found. What could we do? Take her to the pound where she would be euthanized? She had been through so much already and survived the streets that day, we had to give her a chance.

A few years ago John and I talked about having an animal sanctuary... many late night conversations and looking back on it we have started it, we just did not realize it. We attracted our pets...all of them rescued one way or another. We decided to pay for her medical expenses and are trusting the universe to provide the money to pay off the credit cards. The Universe has trusted us to take care of these animals and I know it will do its part to send us money to do a good job.

My affirmation: The Universe is always on my side. Money always comes to me from expected and unexpected places.

xo Inge

May 22, 2010

I will stop wasting anymore time here on earth living in fear! How about you?
xoxo Inge

May 20, 2010

A word of caution when using anything for the first time that will be put in your body. I am a big fan of alternative medicine... western medicine just doesn't resonate with me as good. So I heard about all the benefits of taking Royal Jelly. Its the jelly recommended by all the Queen Bees. I bought some that was mixed in with honey... mainly because it was cheaper...ok that is the only reason. I took a dose, one teaspoon before I went to bed and at 5:30 am I ended up in the bathroom... for the next 3 hours! I did not know what was wrong at the time... I had this problem last January but I had a fever to go with it. When my stomach finally calmed down I looked up Royal Jelly on the net and typed in side effects. Well, there it was gastro-nightmare-itus! I am glad that was the problem, but I missed a days work because of it.
Learn from my mistake... always look up adverse effects of remedies before you take them!
Have a great day and don't forget to laugh out loud! xo Ine

May 18, 2010

Inge's Gratitude Dance

I put together my own interpretation of the Grati-dude dance. I have manifested some good stuff lately! And I am GRATEFUL!!!

May 17, 2010

I vow to do this dance everytime I feel grateful, no matter where I am!

and of course to laugh out loud!
xoxo Inge

May 12, 2010

I bumped into this video

Trust is definitely a lesson I want to work on. In the past, whenever I trusted someone, they always kicked me in the butt. I want to change that and only attract trustworthy people in my life.

I also found a website that has daily angel card readings that I want to share with you...

Hope your day is filled with trust, abundance and of course laughter.
xoxo Inge

May 8, 2010

Olive peacefully died last Friday at 1:07 am. I knew she had heart failure and every week she endured going to the vet to get the fluid drained that was building up because of the disease. This past week she could no longer walk and stopped wagging her tail and screaming with joy when I came home. But she did perk up and watch my every move when I entered the room, which gave me hope that she still had quality of life. Thursday night she stopped eating and drinking water so I knew she was winding down.

My hubby and I discussed bringing her into the vet to let her go on Friday, so I decided to lay down on the floor and sleep with her. After a couple of hours she woke me up. She could barely sit up, but she looked over to her bed where her mate, Cooper was sleeping so I put her in next to him. She went peacefully within minutes surrounded by everyone who loves her. I wanted her to go that way so my prayers were answered and I am grateful that she passed here and not at the vets.

I still miss her desperately and I know her mate who lived with her many years longer than us misses her too. She was 18 yrs and lived a happy life with us. SHe had one of those personalities that attracted everyone, she always welcomed any new pets that joined out family and never showed jealousy. Olive you are one of the loves of my life and I am grateful to have shared it with you. xoxo mama

May 3, 2010

I am reading "Excuses Be Gone!" by Dr. Wayne Dyer. I picked it up at the library. I do not know what I would do if the libraries went away. There are so many great books that the library carries and for those of us who cannot always buy the books we want it is a godsend!

The show was fun and I made some money, got great feed back and met some nice people. I got another lead for another mercantile market in Tustin that I will follow up on. The weather was great and hot, the thermometer said 74 degrees but it felt hotter to me! Next Saturday the condo complex where my son, James lives is having a community yard sale. Friday I will pull out everything that I have not used in the last year and sell it. The rest will be donated to animal charities that are also having yard sales this summer.
Hope your week is fun and don't forget to laugh out loud!
xoxo Inge