May 24, 2010

I am reading lots of things talking about trust. I think that is my lesson (one of many) that stands out for me now. I have been using my credit cards lately to pay vet expenses. I got myself into trouble about 10 years ago with credit cards when I was out of work and I do not want to get myself in that jam again. But one of my Chihuahuas got very sick (end stage heart disease) and I wanted to give her the best life I could because she wanted to fight and live a bit more... then a week before she died I rescued another small dog in the middle of a busy street and took it home. I have done this before and we usually can find the owners but this time we noticed she was skin and bones, her eyes were infected and dehydrated. The next day we took her to our vet and we were told she had some medical problems and did we want to spend the money on a dog we just found. What could we do? Take her to the pound where she would be euthanized? She had been through so much already and survived the streets that day, we had to give her a chance.

A few years ago John and I talked about having an animal sanctuary... many late night conversations and looking back on it we have started it, we just did not realize it. We attracted our pets...all of them rescued one way or another. We decided to pay for her medical expenses and are trusting the universe to provide the money to pay off the credit cards. The Universe has trusted us to take care of these animals and I know it will do its part to send us money to do a good job.

My affirmation: The Universe is always on my side. Money always comes to me from expected and unexpected places.

xo Inge

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