May 8, 2010

Olive peacefully died last Friday at 1:07 am. I knew she had heart failure and every week she endured going to the vet to get the fluid drained that was building up because of the disease. This past week she could no longer walk and stopped wagging her tail and screaming with joy when I came home. But she did perk up and watch my every move when I entered the room, which gave me hope that she still had quality of life. Thursday night she stopped eating and drinking water so I knew she was winding down.

My hubby and I discussed bringing her into the vet to let her go on Friday, so I decided to lay down on the floor and sleep with her. After a couple of hours she woke me up. She could barely sit up, but she looked over to her bed where her mate, Cooper was sleeping so I put her in next to him. She went peacefully within minutes surrounded by everyone who loves her. I wanted her to go that way so my prayers were answered and I am grateful that she passed here and not at the vets.

I still miss her desperately and I know her mate who lived with her many years longer than us misses her too. She was 18 yrs and lived a happy life with us. SHe had one of those personalities that attracted everyone, she always welcomed any new pets that joined out family and never showed jealousy. Olive you are one of the loves of my life and I am grateful to have shared it with you. xoxo mama


d. moll, said...

What a lovely peaceful way to pass. We should all be so lucky.

Michele said...

I am really sorry, I know how much love these little creatures can bring.It was a peaceful passing and she knew she was loved. Michele