Apr 22, 2009

Thought for today and everyday !

"Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well-preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting'... holy shit...' what a ride!"

I have this posted on my frig and remember that when I am feeling unsure of myself or scared about decision I have to make.

Have a fun day and don't forget to laugh out loud!
xoxo Inge

Apr 21, 2009

Like Obama Keeps Saying

we gotta move forward and not dwell on the past...that means you Inge... time to buckle down and focus on the upcoming move. I will drive down south in May, hopefully during the first week and check Ojai, and the surrounding Ventura county. Santa Paula is on my list too. One of my customers is a Fedex long haul trucker and he lives in Chino. He has been helpful in telling me his opinion about places to live. If anyone living is southern California reads this blog, I would be most grateful for any leads...
My hubby is a cook/chef for an assisted living place and wants work in that field, me I am looking for office work - receptionist would be great. I am learning excel and brushing up on word perfect. We are both hard working and have excellent references. I want to sell at the local flea markets on the weekends. We used to live in San Francisco and are used to living around open minded liberal thinking individuals. I guess to sum it up, I worked to elect Obama, I prefer alternative medicine, we think marijuana should legalized, along with gay marriage, etc. We consider ourselves to be social liberals and fiscal conservatives. Living in Chico - we are pretty much in the minority. Anyways any ideas would be great - you can email me at
junkstylediva @gmail.com
Don't forget to laugh outloud!
xoxo Inge

Apr 19, 2009

When I was a massage therapist

I had more time to take care of myself... the stuff inside... the spiritual part of me... I meditated daily and even took the city bus to the Zen Center for zazen (sitting meditation). A group of us would sit either cross legged or in chairs (like me, my knees have always disliked sitting cross legged) and quietly meditate. No chanting just quiet. The purpose was to hear things in the environment inside and out and not judge... just listen. I was much calmer back then and I believe it was because of the time I took to reflect and enjoy the quiet with background sounds as they came and went. At the end we would recite as a group the Heart Sutra Chant. The I would ride the San Francsico city bus (with the menagerie of "colorful" riders) back to my 500 square foot apartment... much calmer and ready to take on anything that could come up.

I decided to start back up again but in Chico we do not have a zen center but thanks to the Great Goddess I have access to youtube! I also am keeping a random thought journal...where I write down my morning thoughts before I forget them. Well, actually I stated that today... which is where I am going with this post.... here goes...

"It's quiet... no t.v.- I think it will stay off today. No news to distract me... time for reflection... I have been reading my tarot (online) yes they have free tarot readings! here is the site I use
http://www.ifate.com/tarot_index.html Just remember to write the cards down and their meaning which you can find on another site http://www.discover-the-meaning-of-tarot.com/ I have a seperate journal for that. I do mine monthly and it is keeping me on track. Oh, I got off track... back to the journal reading - I woke up with this song playing in my head "Respect Yourself"
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3r2WHjS7iM I think it is an interesting song for today.

I am a big fan of Rachel Ashwell. In the 90s I worked in a bookstore that had a copy of Shabby Chic ... I saved my pennies back then to buy a copy....I was hooked! here was a woman who had a philosophy similar to mine, only she legitimized the style. How sad I was to hear that she has been closing her stores... the economy. I found her blog and she reflects about how she feels about this turn of events and how she copes.... again inspiring even though it is bittersweet... after all we all experience the same ups and downs in life, it is just interesting to see her open up about her "stuff". I think Rachel Ashwell pioneered and changed the way we think about beauty and home decor - hence the name Shabby Chic - the ultimate recycling the old with the new. Words that describe her are trailblazer, inspirational, brave, free spirit, resourceful - she was unafraid to take a chance to try something new. www.rachelashwellshabbychic.blogspot.com/

She is alot like another woman I admire, Coco Chanel another trailblazer except with personal accessories... inventor of the "little black dress"... she helped poor women look and feel glamorous by wearing beautiful costume jewelry which is still aroung today. If it weren't for good costume jewelry I would not own anything, except my silver goodies, I never like diamonds and gold ( I know I need therapy!) but my hubby is grateful! I would rather spend my money on used goodies, handmade stuff, etc. OOPS! there I go again wandering off subject....
Rachels blogging and place in herjourney is reallly not that different than mine, she is just a famous figure and me, I am famous at home... my house... to my critters and hubby. But we are both reinventing ourselves, reflecting on our lives and about to start new beginnings (for me this at least the 4th time)... new home, new city, new environment, new careers. At times it is overwhelming - even scary! I will continue to look to these other women for inspiration, and advice... to follow their lead while leading myself and helping other women.

Actually, our country is also facing some challenges (to say the least) - so many people out of work (13.5% in Chico and the mall just declared bankruptcy!) The reality is many of these people out of work will not get their jobs back (because of outsourcing to cheaper countries) or at least they probably will get similar jobs at a lower rate of pay. Like it or not we have to change our way of thinking... to be creative, to create a new "American Dream" (can you hear the choir of angels yet) -sarcasm- Progress is taking us to a global world and it is not turning back, so we must be willing to reinvent ourselves and take risks. My marine biology professor told us 20 year ago during a field trip to the marine tidepools... we were looking at the grasses growing in the water bobbing back and forth with the waves "the secret to a successful life is to be flexible and hang on !" That's the only lesson I remember, but I think a very important one!

This can be my opportunity, our countries' opportunity to try new things, to reinvent ourselves, to come out better, wiser, and to see things with "fresh eyes"... to dare to be the trailblazers for a better world for future generations! Now get out there and play ball!"
xoxo Inge

Apr 18, 2009

I found a funny site

that deals with resumes and looking for jobs.... it is quite funny and the stories are real... you really can't make this stuff up. Hope your weekend is fun!!!!
xoxo Inge

Apr 17, 2009

12 Days of "Me Time"

Well, almost... I am caring for our furbabies while John is in Switzerland visiting his sister. I dropped him off last weekend at SFO and even though I do miss him I am taking advantage of the opportunity to eat all the stuff John absolutely hates.... Tuna Helper, Manwich (who doesn't like Manwich?). The weather is warming and that means time to work on the tan, at least my legs.... they look ghost like.

Charlie is missing John, he adores him, but he is liking me more. John lets him walk off leash and I only allow it when we go to the school because it is fenced in, I am to nervous to allow him to walk off leash when we walk down the street. Remember I told you I have mild OCD, I think that affects my thinking about certain things... like fear of animals running into the street. I have also witnessed a few dogs get hit by cars over my lifetime and I have not forgotten that. But Charlie seems to have accepted my rules and is happy to go for walks anyways. I certainly have gotten more exercise too.

Olive wants to rent "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" so I better go pick it up...

Don't forget to laugh outloud!

xoxo Inge


Apr 15, 2009

Run don't walk!

to your nearest bookstore that sells Romantic Country! I got mine!!!!!!
xoxo Inge

Apr 14, 2009

I am learning new skills at the EED...Butte College offers microsoft office programs for a very low price. I am leaning excel, powerpoint and access for only $15.00! The program is self paced with access to teachers onsite. This really works well for me because I can go Thursday and Friday mornings for 3 hrs a day. If you are looking for work, I highly recommend going to your local county employment office and take advantage of everything they offer to help you. Most of the programs are free! My location offers free resume workshops, free faxing of resumes and free copies of resumes... did I mention Damian who is my case worker... he is absolutely the BEST! Everyday he is positive and high energy and I mean he is naturally that way... not saccharine.

I know I gripe about the place I work alot but at the sametime I do realize that I am lucky to be working (even if it sucks...sorry I had to throw that in). I am also aware of the energy around me and I do well with numbers... I know the owner is losing thousands of dollars a month, if my sales are off 50% so are his...it is just a matter of time before I show up to work to be greeted by a sign that says "closed"... the owner is not good with communication...anytime he has had to close for rennovation he has not told his employees until the last minute and customers do not find out until the day of.

I am looking for work to be proactive and of course we are moving so it would be great to find work at a place where I can transfer.
Enough of this serious talk...
Don't forget to laugh out loud today!
xoxo Inge

Apr 12, 2009

Apr 7, 2009

I am a HUGE fan of Betsey Johnson!

When I move down south I will wear my interpretation of her style...at the moment I cannot afford to buy her collections..but someday...

I am stuck at home today...

because I fell on my left knee at work yesterday. Booth number three has a new table... which is a foot and a half shorter than the booth... not only does it look like 1. the table shrank or 2. the person who installed the table is dyslexic, but it is a hazard. I know... I tripped over the seat when I was clearing away the dishes. My left foot caught on the left side of the booth and because my hands were full - I went down...hard...on my left knee. I couldn't get up ( my mind quickly flashed to the commercial where the old woman falls down and cries "I fell down and I can't get up!") Shit! I am for now that old woman. Several customers got up and helped me into the booth. Of course they were women... the men couldn't break away from the delicious burgers.
The owner's wife came in... took the necessary work comp information... John came and picked me up and took me to prompt care. Luckily no fractures but trama... really? is that why it hurts?
I have a leg brace and crutches.
I woke up this morning and my knee does feel better but my shoulder not so good. So here I am I lose 2 days pay because work comp does not kick in until I lose a minimum of 3 days... since I work 3 days a week it won't count unless I miss next Monday, which I know I won't... I will be better by then! What pisses me off is 1. the table should not be used if it is in this condition 2. the owner's wife did not say "sorry this happened to you"... I am almost certain she believes it was my fault... I am clumsy, blah, blah, blah 3. I lose 2 days pay and tips and with my tips already 40% down because business is next to nothing...well you get my drift. The up side is I have plenty of time to practise typing and I plan to watch lots of comedies.
Don't forget to laugh outloud!