Apr 21, 2009

Like Obama Keeps Saying

we gotta move forward and not dwell on the past...that means you Inge... time to buckle down and focus on the upcoming move. I will drive down south in May, hopefully during the first week and check Ojai, and the surrounding Ventura county. Santa Paula is on my list too. One of my customers is a Fedex long haul trucker and he lives in Chino. He has been helpful in telling me his opinion about places to live. If anyone living is southern California reads this blog, I would be most grateful for any leads...
My hubby is a cook/chef for an assisted living place and wants work in that field, me I am looking for office work - receptionist would be great. I am learning excel and brushing up on word perfect. We are both hard working and have excellent references. I want to sell at the local flea markets on the weekends. We used to live in San Francisco and are used to living around open minded liberal thinking individuals. I guess to sum it up, I worked to elect Obama, I prefer alternative medicine, we think marijuana should legalized, along with gay marriage, etc. We consider ourselves to be social liberals and fiscal conservatives. Living in Chico - we are pretty much in the minority. Anyways any ideas would be great - you can email me at
junkstylediva @gmail.com
Don't forget to laugh outloud!
xoxo Inge

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