Apr 17, 2009

12 Days of "Me Time"

Well, almost... I am caring for our furbabies while John is in Switzerland visiting his sister. I dropped him off last weekend at SFO and even though I do miss him I am taking advantage of the opportunity to eat all the stuff John absolutely hates.... Tuna Helper, Manwich (who doesn't like Manwich?). The weather is warming and that means time to work on the tan, at least my legs.... they look ghost like.

Charlie is missing John, he adores him, but he is liking me more. John lets him walk off leash and I only allow it when we go to the school because it is fenced in, I am to nervous to allow him to walk off leash when we walk down the street. Remember I told you I have mild OCD, I think that affects my thinking about certain things... like fear of animals running into the street. I have also witnessed a few dogs get hit by cars over my lifetime and I have not forgotten that. But Charlie seems to have accepted my rules and is happy to go for walks anyways. I certainly have gotten more exercise too.

Olive wants to rent "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" so I better go pick it up...

Don't forget to laugh outloud!

xoxo Inge


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