Apr 14, 2009

I am learning new skills at the EED...Butte College offers microsoft office programs for a very low price. I am leaning excel, powerpoint and access for only $15.00! The program is self paced with access to teachers onsite. This really works well for me because I can go Thursday and Friday mornings for 3 hrs a day. If you are looking for work, I highly recommend going to your local county employment office and take advantage of everything they offer to help you. Most of the programs are free! My location offers free resume workshops, free faxing of resumes and free copies of resumes... did I mention Damian who is my case worker... he is absolutely the BEST! Everyday he is positive and high energy and I mean he is naturally that way... not saccharine.

I know I gripe about the place I work alot but at the sametime I do realize that I am lucky to be working (even if it sucks...sorry I had to throw that in). I am also aware of the energy around me and I do well with numbers... I know the owner is losing thousands of dollars a month, if my sales are off 50% so are his...it is just a matter of time before I show up to work to be greeted by a sign that says "closed"... the owner is not good with communication...anytime he has had to close for rennovation he has not told his employees until the last minute and customers do not find out until the day of.

I am looking for work to be proactive and of course we are moving so it would be great to find work at a place where I can transfer.
Enough of this serious talk...
Don't forget to laugh out loud today!
xoxo Inge

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Michele said...

I think you are so smart for taking those classes! I am a mess when it comes to certain programs....Anyways my direction is in the health feild so I haven't had any trouble so far but in a another month or so my case will end and who knows? I think I will go back to school or take some classes over the summer to be better prepared........These days any edge you have can only help :) I hope you find a more pleasent place to work, hang in until then :) Oh and thanks for the community center tip, I will definatly look into that :) All the best, Michele