Apr 24, 2012

Wow, 3 posts in one day! I'm on a roll.... Last weekend was Earth Day and I went to the The Camp in Costa Mesa to get signatures for the Label GMOs initiative put on the ballot. (we needed 800,000 and I just heard we got 1 million!) anyways I brought my camera because I remembered that The Camp has unusual succulents all over the outside mall, and I am always looking for new ideas to plant mine.

What a great idea to promote your business

If you find yourself in Costa Mesa, California...you must go to The Camp! Its an outdoor "eco-community" mini-mall, ecclectic, dog- friendly, and has great places to eat including a vegan restaurant!

The succulents are taken care of by Organic Design, a cute little art & garden shop located inside a cool mini- Airstream...this is her facebook page...   https://www.facebook.com/designsbyaggelige?filter=1

xo  Inge

Look what I made out of a tee shirt...ok, not just any tee shirt. I helped get petitions signed these past few weeks to get GMOs labeled on our food in California and we were given these fun green shirts to wear. And I have to admit recycling this tee shirt into a tote bag was also not my idea. I met a woman who had a tee shirt tote loaded with  veggies the other day and I thought to myself "I can do that!" And so can you...

Just cut the sleeves off the tee and make the area around the collar bigger so you end up with handles. Then snip the edges of the bottom of the tee (it will look like fringe) and then tie them together and you are done! I plan to bring mine to the grocery store so I can  get the conversation started about labeling GMOs.

xo  Inge

I'm Back!

I decided to keep both blogs but keep them seperate. This blog will be all about crafting, junking, growing succulents, and showcasing other blogs, links and people who are into the same things as me. I am a multi-facted person, so I want to nourish my creative part as well as my staying healthy part. I think the two are not mutually exclusive, however someone told me that its a good idea to keep my blog focused on one idea...so, I will blog about crafts, junking, succulents and the like on this blog.

My other blog...www.rectalcancermyass.blogspot.com/ will be all about life after cancer and staying healthy. Since I am multi-facted I have to include my activism about food, health, medicine (western and alternative), and of course stories of hope.

I even started crafting again and will show you my latest creation in my next post.