Apr 30, 2011

Vegan Sweets Recipes! Yum!



The China Study

The Top 12 Cancer Causing Products in the Average Home


Yesterday James took me to his friend's home. I have been inside my home over 4 months except to go to doctors appointments. I have been getting cabin fever the last week and yesterday I felt depressed and lonely.This picture is me relaxing by the pool in the sunshine...how wonderful that felt! It took forever to get onto that lounge chair and the same getting up. My left leg especially has gotten lazy and stiff... so has my lower back for that matter and getting up and down is an event. I am so lucky to have wonderful people in my life! Debbie propped me up with pillows and wrapped me up in blankets when the sun started going down. I enjoyed sitting with James and my friends... listening to their funny stories...eating pizza...I am truly blessed!

xo Inge

Apr 28, 2011

Eating Healthy on a Budget

I was on my FaceBook page and ran across another Etsy artist. She makes vegan jewelry and bath & body products. Her site is called Daisy Wares and she is located in Berkeley.
http://www.etsy.com/people/DaisyWares?ref=ls_profile The tangerine-clove soap sounds good to me :) She also has a blog... http://www.daisywares.blogspot.com/

xo Inge

Apr 27, 2011

Kris Carr's Vlog #1: Rest

Since my diagnosis several friends I lost touch with have become part of my life again. How wonderful is that! I was recently emailed by a friend, Susan that turned me onto a helpful book, "Crazy Sexy Diet", written by Kris Carr. She was diagnosed with a rare stage 4 cancer and changed her life with diet. I also found her website http://crazysexylife.com/.
Thank you soooo much Susan! xo Inge

Apr 26, 2011

PET-CT scan results are in...everything looks good! What the Dr. looks for are parts of my body that "lights up"...meaning that is the area that could have a c-word...the brighter the light the more likely. They measure on a scale from 0-40. A small part of my rectum came up 4...meaning it could be a false positive...a faint glow...nothing in my lymphnodes,which was their main cincern. Next I get a biopsy...if anything is there, then surgery to remove it. I would have liked a 0 result but I will be happy! I knew I would be ok and was not nervous about the results until we got to the waiting room...then my tears started coming. Its hard to keep a brave face all the time. I am grateful for the good news! xo Inge

Apr 25, 2011

Went to the PET-CT scan appointment this morning. I did not eat since 10 pm Sunday night and my appointment was at 10 am today. I figured it would take about 30 minutes tops so I was not concerned about getting hungry, but I did bring a banana just in case. The entire appointment took 2 hours! After filling out the standard paperwork I was taken to a tiny room and given stuff to drink that would make my digestive tract show any issues, as well as glucose for giggles.
One of the syringes came inside what looked like a metal cylinder...possibly a radioactive substance? This place made me feel uncomfortable... the walls were gray and depressing. They really should paint the walls a soothing color.

After that I was taken to another room so I could rest and wait for the liquid to run through my GI tract. Wow! An hour flies by when your having fun! Then it was onto the bathroom so I could empty my bladder. The toilet and sink were metal and reminded me of the bathrooms at the rest stop only more depressing. I'm sure they were metal because the stuff I was peeing could not go into the normal septic system.

Then it was onto the main event... the Pet-CT scan. I am the first to admit... I am claustrophobic! I just didn't know how bad until today... in my defense the attendant decided to have me put my arms over my head, wrapped this heavy thing around my waist and put my arms inside a pillowcase so I wouldn't move... I felt like I was bound up tight which put me in a panic attack... then the attendant got agitated with me telling me how expensive this test was and that I needed to cooperate... that didn't help. So I had him remove the pillowcase, loosen the thing around my waist and allow me to keep my arms at my side. I kept my eyes closed and prayed my hardest for Jesus to help get through this... he has definitely been busy with me lately. I made it through...altogether it 25 minutes and I felt each second. I pray I never go through that again. Well, now we wait for the results. I know this bulls eye is dead. I never felt fear that it wasn't.
xo Inge

Apr 24, 2011

I am grateful everyday for being alive! I am grateful for all the prayers and positive thoughts coming from my friends and family! I am also gratefful to Jesus and my Guardian Angels for helping me on my road to recovery!

Apr 22, 2011

James is back from the Bay Area. He has been such a help, I am truly blessed to be his mom. He has a friend back there whose dad is battling prostrate cancer so he has been researching via the net alternative medicine... mainly vitamins and food. He is the one who turned me on to B17. I was looking up the benefits of hemp seeds when I found a good website/blog called The Raw Divas Blog. It has all kinds of interesting information that you might like to check out
http://www.therawdivas.com/blog/ xo Inge
I feel better than yesterrday, but still not great. I feel like I have bubbles in my stomach. It's hard to eat when I feel this way. I will take another nap and listen to my meditation tapes.

REIKI Healing Music

Apr 20, 2011

I saw this person on Oprah today

I did too much the past few days and last night I paid the price. Actually it has happened the past few nights...always in the middle of the night... severe pain in my left lower back that goes down my hamstring. It really hurts to sit on the toilet...so glad that I have handicap toilet seat that fits onto my toilet. I would be in trouble without it. xo Inge

I found a website that donates proceeds to help shelter dogs. They sell rootbeer...one of my favorite drinks. You can pick some up at Wholefoods. Here is their website:

Apr 19, 2011

It's 8:20 pm and I am sitting on my butt for the 1st time while I type this! Oh, I'm also watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. xo Inge

What's in your burger?


My Affirmations

With God all things are possible

I am connected to an unlimited source of abundance

Dr. Wayne Dyer was on PBS over the weekend and these affirmations resonated with me.
xo Inge

Apr 15, 2011

Do you know where your food comes from? I am not a fan of reality shows because most of them are filled with drama and who can be meaner than the other, but Jamie Oliver has an informative show on Tuesday nights. Last episode he was taking on the LA Unified School District and the school lunches. From what I saw the kids might as well eat at the 7 Eleven! Everything was packaged in plastic, was full of sugar and had little to no nutritional value. Frankly, I was shocked. The kids don't even get regular milk...they get flavored milk...and when Jamie questioned the school board about it...they responded that kids won't drink regular milk! Well, they will if it's given to them.

There was another story about the problem with fast food...but in my opinion it isn't just fast food...I worked in restaurants for 13 years and they are not any healthier. Anyways, Jamie went to an independent fast food restaurant and let a customer choose between a healthier burger (the meat came from a cow that was grass fed) and a burger that came from a cow that was not. The customer liked the grass fed burger more but when asked if he would pay 1.50 more he chose the lower quality burger. Now that is a problem. People need to be educated or rather educate themselves because we know what happened when Oprah challenged the cattle industry!

Most Americans are not healthy and I am convinced it is our food that is the problem. I really don't see any big changes happening unless the consumer speaks with their wallets. The Internet is a valuable resource from learning about vitamins to finding a neighborhood organic restaurant. Ask your grocer where the food comes from and request healthier choices; if your school serves crap complain to the school board and meanwhile send your child with a lunch from home; support your local farmers market, especially the organic farmers.

xo Inge

Apr 14, 2011

I saw my radiologist yesterday and got great news! He said that I am doing very good and that the things I am dealing with are normal...the incontinence, aches and pains...my body is healing and that takes time. He also said that the treatment I went through was the most aggressive he does and that in the beginning he was not sure I could handle it... well, I did! Not bad for a 55 year old broad! I have to admit there were days I didn't know if I could do it. I strongly believe that it was and is still is a combination of my docs and their expertise, prayers from so many people, friends, family, my determination, and vitamins that helps me in my recovery. I truly am a walking miracle! xo Inge

Apr 12, 2011



A friend of mine swears by this, so I ordered some. I know that our problems stem from our diets...yes, I think genetics play a part, BUT if our bodies are healthy then we have a better chance of nipping these diseases in the bud...also exercise and keeping stress as low as possible helps. Since I got sick I took a news break and before that I was a CNN junkie...think about it our news is nothing more than gossip, opinions from overpaid pundits, and news that is sensationalized to get ratings...to get sponsors to sell us crap we don't need. Don't get me started with all the commercials selling drugs to keep men's dicks in good working order...how about all the antidepressants...along with all the endless serious side effects. Do you know what is in the food your eating? Do you care? I sure do! I just learned that one of my favorite foods, the potato, is saturated in pesticides and any so is any other vegetable that grows in the ground. My bargain food sometimes on sale for 77 cents for a 5 lb. bag is not a bargain after all. Now don't get me wrong, the effects do not happen overnight...it accumulates... so after 55 years of eating this food...well, you can imagine! From now on its organic or I leave it behind!

Hope you are well and think about what your eating before you eat it...better yet before you spend your hard earned money on it! And don't forget to laugh out loud! xo Inge

Whats up with the FDA???


Apr 10, 2011

Animal Acres

As you can probably imagine, I have alot of tv time. Yesterday I was watching a movie on Lifetime and during the commercial break they were honoring women achievers. This time Lorri Houston, founder of Animal Acres right here in Acton California was featured! Well, it's a bit of a drive up north but definitely on my list of places to visit. Check out her blog http://www.animalacres.org/

If you live in LA area and want something to do April 29th, check this out

Just as soon as I can sit on my butt, I will be traveling to different sanctuaries and networking to get my thriftshop started. I wish I could start today! xo Inge

Apr 8, 2011

I am grateful:

that I have more of an appetite today (thanks to the marijuana cookie); I slept a few hours longer (I usually am up 4 times a night to use bathroom); I walked around more today; To my husband; To my son; To everyone praying for me; The birds singing; I am alive. Please pray for these people : Jeremy, Reed, Sandy, Kathy, Billy

May you be Blessed with perfect health and laughter. xo Inge

Apr 7, 2011

I enjoy food and usually eat a few small meals a day, but lately food does not interest me. I want to be hungry and have tried a prescription drug...Marinol...western medicines version of marijuana. It worked a little then stopped...so a family member who has a medical marijuana card bought me a small bottle of rootbeer that contains pcp...it helps with nausea but not appetite. One swig of the drink calms my stomach within minutes...that helps. I also drink an Ensure smoothie daily that should add an extra 500 calories...we throw in yogurt, frozen fruit. orange juice...that tastes good. Hope you are well and don't forget to laugh out loud. xo Inge

Apr 5, 2011

Another good doctor checkup today. My surgeon said he won't make any major decisions until after the 25th of April when I get re-imaged. I am getting around better now that I have a walker. The muscles in my lower back were getting weak and sore from laying in bed, so walking around my house helps. It will be nice to walk around outside. I am working on not comparing my progress with othre c-word patients. It seems that they have more energy than me...if I think about it too much I get depressed. I want to see my own progress and remember this is not a competition. If anyone had some funny stories to share or beautiful pictures or anything craft related, please send them to me. I really miss that part of my life. Thanks :) Hope your week is fun and don't forget to laugh out loud! xo Inge