Apr 25, 2011

Went to the PET-CT scan appointment this morning. I did not eat since 10 pm Sunday night and my appointment was at 10 am today. I figured it would take about 30 minutes tops so I was not concerned about getting hungry, but I did bring a banana just in case. The entire appointment took 2 hours! After filling out the standard paperwork I was taken to a tiny room and given stuff to drink that would make my digestive tract show any issues, as well as glucose for giggles.
One of the syringes came inside what looked like a metal cylinder...possibly a radioactive substance? This place made me feel uncomfortable... the walls were gray and depressing. They really should paint the walls a soothing color.

After that I was taken to another room so I could rest and wait for the liquid to run through my GI tract. Wow! An hour flies by when your having fun! Then it was onto the bathroom so I could empty my bladder. The toilet and sink were metal and reminded me of the bathrooms at the rest stop only more depressing. I'm sure they were metal because the stuff I was peeing could not go into the normal septic system.

Then it was onto the main event... the Pet-CT scan. I am the first to admit... I am claustrophobic! I just didn't know how bad until today... in my defense the attendant decided to have me put my arms over my head, wrapped this heavy thing around my waist and put my arms inside a pillowcase so I wouldn't move... I felt like I was bound up tight which put me in a panic attack... then the attendant got agitated with me telling me how expensive this test was and that I needed to cooperate... that didn't help. So I had him remove the pillowcase, loosen the thing around my waist and allow me to keep my arms at my side. I kept my eyes closed and prayed my hardest for Jesus to help get through this... he has definitely been busy with me lately. I made it through...altogether it 25 minutes and I felt each second. I pray I never go through that again. Well, now we wait for the results. I know this bulls eye is dead. I never felt fear that it wasn't.
xo Inge

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