Apr 15, 2011

Do you know where your food comes from? I am not a fan of reality shows because most of them are filled with drama and who can be meaner than the other, but Jamie Oliver has an informative show on Tuesday nights. Last episode he was taking on the LA Unified School District and the school lunches. From what I saw the kids might as well eat at the 7 Eleven! Everything was packaged in plastic, was full of sugar and had little to no nutritional value. Frankly, I was shocked. The kids don't even get regular milk...they get flavored milk...and when Jamie questioned the school board about it...they responded that kids won't drink regular milk! Well, they will if it's given to them.

There was another story about the problem with fast food...but in my opinion it isn't just fast food...I worked in restaurants for 13 years and they are not any healthier. Anyways, Jamie went to an independent fast food restaurant and let a customer choose between a healthier burger (the meat came from a cow that was grass fed) and a burger that came from a cow that was not. The customer liked the grass fed burger more but when asked if he would pay 1.50 more he chose the lower quality burger. Now that is a problem. People need to be educated or rather educate themselves because we know what happened when Oprah challenged the cattle industry!

Most Americans are not healthy and I am convinced it is our food that is the problem. I really don't see any big changes happening unless the consumer speaks with their wallets. The Internet is a valuable resource from learning about vitamins to finding a neighborhood organic restaurant. Ask your grocer where the food comes from and request healthier choices; if your school serves crap complain to the school board and meanwhile send your child with a lunch from home; support your local farmers market, especially the organic farmers.

xo Inge

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