Apr 12, 2011



A friend of mine swears by this, so I ordered some. I know that our problems stem from our diets...yes, I think genetics play a part, BUT if our bodies are healthy then we have a better chance of nipping these diseases in the bud...also exercise and keeping stress as low as possible helps. Since I got sick I took a news break and before that I was a CNN junkie...think about it our news is nothing more than gossip, opinions from overpaid pundits, and news that is sensationalized to get ratings...to get sponsors to sell us crap we don't need. Don't get me started with all the commercials selling drugs to keep men's dicks in good working order...how about all the antidepressants...along with all the endless serious side effects. Do you know what is in the food your eating? Do you care? I sure do! I just learned that one of my favorite foods, the potato, is saturated in pesticides and any so is any other vegetable that grows in the ground. My bargain food sometimes on sale for 77 cents for a 5 lb. bag is not a bargain after all. Now don't get me wrong, the effects do not happen overnight...it accumulates... so after 55 years of eating this food...well, you can imagine! From now on its organic or I leave it behind!

Hope you are well and think about what your eating before you eat it...better yet before you spend your hard earned money on it! And don't forget to laugh out loud! xo Inge

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