Dec 25, 2009

Ok, Christmas is almost over.... thank the Goddess!!!! If you work retail you know what I mean. My Christmas day consisted of resting up for tomorrow which is back to work. Our holiday was quiet and spent with our fur babies. Hubby had to work tonight at the doggie hotel but we did manage to take our doggies to the local park... something we have not done for 2 weeks. My holiday wish... a better job with shorter hours and better or equal pay. Life lesson for me... be careful what you wish for.
Hope your holiday was fun and don't forget to laugh out loud!
xoxo Inge

Dec 15, 2009

When I feel better and get some free time before Christmas... or I can wait until the New Year... there is no rule that requires me to give gifts at Christmas... I will give to some special people these goodies. You can find the recipe here

Hope your day is fun and don't forget to laugh out loud!

xoxo Inge

I love this movie and this scene!

Dec 14, 2009

My new job has caused me to reflect about who I am and where I am in life... mainly it has helped me realize some things I might not have thought about... like I am definitely not as young as I used to be. Who is really? We get older with each minute. I think of myself as still 20 something at times... ok... most of the time. I like to dress like the 20 year olds but then so does
Gloria Steinem... have you seen her in a mini skirt? That girl can still rock it in her late 60s! But so can Tina Turner and loads of other women.
For me though, I feel it most in the mornings. I stretch 99% of the time before I go to bed and 50% of the time in the mornings. I watch these young servers carry these very heavy trays of food all day... well 5 to 6 hours a day. But even so they still have lots of energy. My GM who is probably somewhere in his 40s requires only 4 hours of sleep a night and he is back in the game. I am sick and have been for a few days now... nothing earth shattering but a bad cold just the same. I can't keep up... There I said it and I hate to admit it. Those 10 hour days are taking its toll on me and I have only been doing this for a little over 3 months.
Let me back track a minute. I have a new GM. I was transferred a couple of weeks ago to another restaurant located inside a mall. This is my 4th store in 3 months and it's like starting a new job all over again. Each one operates differently even though they are part of the same restaurant chain. This also is an hour commute from home each way so I am gone 12 hours a day. Three days a week I work the closing shift and 2 days I open which means I have to be there 6 am... have I mentioned I am NOT a morning person. My GM tried to schedule me to work a closing shift ( 2pm - 11pm) and come back the next day at 6 am... who can do that ???? I cannot get maybe 4 hours sleep and be expected to be alert and run like mad for 10 hours. I just can't. I do know some people that can. Goddess bless them but I can't. We compromised and I will work the mid shift and leave at 8 pm... that still is not enough time for me to be rested and did I mention we are inside a mall? You know it's the holiday season and we are busier than hell. Hungry holiday shoppers... you can only imagine the type of mood these people are in! The movies they show on t.v. this time of year are quite accurate as far as how crazy and impatient people can get.
I am trying to hang on through the end of the year... it's only a few more weeks and then I have to look for another job. It really sucks because I had such high hopes for this job. Management... it sounds good and the pay is more than I ever got but the job really is about baby sitting, refereeing and lots of ass kissing to customers who really don't deserve it because they are only looking to get free stuff... have you heard of people complaining their food was terrible after they ate the whole thing and demanded to get the meal for free? It happens all the time at the restaurant and I have to give them the meal for free and sometimes throw in a free whole pie for them to take home because they threaten to contact the corporate office... that sounds a little like extortion to me. Oh well,like my hubby reminds me... they aren't taking money out of our checking account.

I'm off the next 2 days and plan to rest up. Hope your week and holiday experience is fun and don't forget to laugh out loud.

xoxo Inge

Dec 10, 2009

Since we are in the midst of the holiday season, I would like to showcase some shops on that sell goodies for the animal lover and their pets. As you know I am an self proclaimed animal nut and proud of it! I also believe in buying from small businesses and individual artists, especially this time of year. Here are a few etsy shops I would like to give a shout out to...[]=tags&includes[]=title[]=tags&includes[]=title[]=tags&includes[]=title[]=tags&includes[]=title[]=tags&includes[]=title
Happy Holidays!

Calling All Animal Lovers!

I was looking at one of my fav blogs
and found another site who foster cares bunnies.
This person needs help and since it is the holidays...
Hope your day is fun and don't forget to laugh out loud!
xoxo Inge

Dec 1, 2009

I am finishing up my 2nd day off... in a row! How delicious it was... even though I had to mop and wash the floors and dust. I also felt brave enough to color my own hair this month. I usually go to the local beauty school to give me my vibrant red hair color...but I am watching our budget and decided to color my own hair. It did not come out perfect but it's good enough and I don't look like Ronald McDonald... so I can honestly say it is a success!
I am back on the computer... looking at some of my fav blogs ... I ran into one that you might like to check out, especially if you have kids... called
Hope your day is fun and don't forget to laugh out loud!
xoxo Inge