Jul 26, 2010

Well, I am back to 3 jobs... apparently the chiropractor lost his staff when he finally paid them and he told me that I was never "let go"... (hmmm) and would I still work with him at the farmers market... so here I am back at the market. There are a couple of people who I enjoy seeing, one of them is Miss Kitty Girls Soaps... here is her website


Her soaps are all handmade and her best selling one a glycerin soap with a loofah inside...clever girl! Her partner is a motorcycle type guy who you would never guess enjoyed making soap! I really like this couple because they enjoy each other and are openly affectionate. It is refreshing to see a couple that enjoy each others company.

I am still dealing cards Friday and Saturday nights... I learned roullette on the fly the other night... it looks harder than it is... so I can now do two things at a Casino Night Event. Woo Hoo!

The weather has been hot on and off and remember when I mentioned that I had lady bug visitors in my house? well, they have been replaced with ants. I looked up the spiritual meaning of ants and all it said is... you have an ant problem... soooooo after taping up half my house to seal off any entry way and still finding ant parties when I get home... I decided to find a non-toxic way to get rid of them. I really do not like killing anything and there have been alot of ants that have been spared and relocated outdoors but 100 ants is just too much to deal with.

I found this terrific ant killer, non-toxic, and it works!!! It's called EcoSmart Insecticide and I found it at Albertons Market. The ingredients are essential oils, no bad stuff that hurts animals, plants, or humans. I was able to use it inside and out. Check them out for yourself.

Since I am on the subject of bugs... I have to speak my mind about what bugs me... especially with this huge and never ending plethora of reality shows. Most of them showcase self-centered, spoiled, irresponsible and just plain stupid people. Just channel surf any night of the week and you will see what I mean. If I have to watch a reality show I would rather watch someone who is doing something positive with their life. These Bad Girl shows are not only boring but these women are an insult to all women who do not live their lives this way. And thats all I got to say about that.

Hope you have a fun week and don't forget to laugh out loud! xo Inge

Get Happy!

This video speaks for itself...

Have a fun day and GET HAPPY!!!!
xo Inge

Jul 13, 2010

I have not blogged for a while because life has kept me busy. There just are not enough hours in the day! I am hustling looking for another part time job... everytime I get 3 which helps me pay my bills I lose one. My latest being the chiropractor I worked for the longest. Apparently business is worse than he let on and last week on payday, he did not have the money to pay his staff... and we were being let go... at least the massage therapists that were part of his special event marketing team. He said he will get us the money this week... meanwhile, I need a 3rd part time job or at least a stable full time job.

I have not forgotten my thrift shop idea that will benefit low income pet owners to pay their vet bills...I put together a vision board to make that happen. I also plan to visit some upscale thrift shops and see how they operate.

I hope your week is going well and by all means do not forget to laugh out loud! I swear if it were not for my ability to laugh at the events in my laugh (after I scream and bitch about an hour) I would have hung myself... no I take that back... I would strangle the offender!

Jul 2, 2010

Rolling Dog Ranch

There are sooooo many wonderful non-profits that help our furry friends and I want to spotlight one of them today... Rolling Dog Ranch.... they care for animals with disabilities. This group touched my heart because we have pets with disabilities and health issues. We did not intentionally seek out these animals they just found their way into our hearts. I think I mentioned before that it is my dream to have a shop that has new and used merchandise and the profits will go to help low income people pay their vet bills. I don't know how it will come about yet but I will let the Universe provide the way. I am glad to see there are others out there who devote their lives to helping these beautiful creatures. If you find yourself with some extra change this month, please give to a animal charity of your choice... it will definitely bring you excellent karma!



Hope your day is full of laughter! xo Inge