Dec 24, 2012

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy and healthy holiday!

I love hearing positive news stories... we need more of them.

Merry Christmas!!!

xo     Inge


Dec 11, 2012

The Amazing Transformation of a Guy Who Didn't Give Up!

So I wake up 6 a.m. Thursday morning with burning pain that radiates all over my intestinal tract. After 2 hours I realize I have to get checked out by the docter....all I can think about is my $831 share of cost and wtf am I going to do now. I am able to get an appointmentt with my primary care doctor who charges $100...(I have to pay up front) but she says my skin looks yellow and there is blood in my urine ( my pain is still a level 10) its 1 p.m. and hubby and I have to go to Emergency where I sit for 4 hours...its crowded and 2 people are in life threatening situations -- so I have to wait my finally at 9 pm I get morphine and anti-nausea meds.... a cat-scan and by midnight its confirmed....acute appendicitus. I get a room by 3 am and by 5:30 I am getting prepped for surgery. I have been technically awake for 24 hours and getting grumpy. I am also reminded of 2 years ago and all the tests and pain, and I feel myself getting emotional.. so I try to stay focused on what is happening now.

I am in and out of surgery within one hour and back in my room by 10 am. I can now eat liquids but I cannot get any sleep. Everyone and their mother keeps checking on me so by 3 pm, I tell my nurse I want to go home. I have to show them I can walk and eat more food. I am released 10 o'clock that night. My stomach is sore and I can't fit into my pants because I am swollen but I am home.

Moral to my story: I cannot worry about things I cannot control. My bills will take care of themselves. I am thankful it was only my appendix.... 2 years ago this December my diagnosis was much worse and I landed on my feet.

Nov 27, 2012

I found some more Inspirational Quotes you may enjoy....


The weather constantly flips back and forth from fall weather to a taste of late summer..meaning there are days when the temps are in the low 80s and the next day is cold and foggy. I noticed there are some people with the sniffles recently and today I woke up with a slight feeling of the onset of a cold. As you know, I am not a fan of  traditional over-the-counter meds but a friend gave me this when I was fighting cancer and I still take it when I feel a slight scratchiness in my throat.

It works for me and doesn't have the lousey side effects of other name brands.

And of course, eat lots of in season fruits and veggies to keep your immune system up to par.

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Nov 20, 2012

There is a new International food market close to my home that I shop at at least once a week. Even though they have foods from many different countries, they still have foods containing GMOs that are from USA. One must look at labels carefully. Since I am vegan, I am always looking for delicious non-animal protien and I like hummus. Most of them contain canola or soy which probably is GMO,even in this market.

But after alot of looking, I found one that is in a can that is not GMO! Yay! Their ingredients is simple: eggplant, sesame paste, citric acid and salt. I add it to my stir fried veggies and dip pita bread in it.

xo     Inge
I have been so busy these past few weeks that I have neglected my blogs, but I am back! As you know we lost Prop 37...the right to know what is in our food BUT we may have lost this battle but we will win the war! And I say war because it is. Monsanto fought a dirty campaign and we will not take it it lying down. So I will post those companies who were on the Monsanto wagon and refuse to be transparent about whats in their food products. I will also include alternatice companies who do care about they put in their food and have integrity.

So here goes the first group that sell food products for Thanksgiving.

Arrowhead Mills is GMO free and organic. You will find them in healthfood grocery store.

Here is a link written by Marlene's Market and Deli that expresses my beliefs about serving anything GMO to my friends and family:

Here is link to NON-GMO project where you will find all kinds of GMO Free foods:

They also have an app for your phone, so you know what you are buying.

This website also lists foods that probably contain GMOs and alternative choices:

I will continue to post companies that probably use GMOs in their foods in the future. I have called many of these companies and they are willing to tell me over the phone their stance on GMOs but will not send me anything in writing. Hmmmm.

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Oct 27, 2012

My mantra. Is it yours?

Oct 25, 2012

I found some fun and inspirational quotes and pictures on the net that I want to share with you:

And I found this terrific article...
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Oct 23, 2012

Saturday was a fun day for me. It was all about Halloween which is my favorite holiday. I went to 2 parties. The first one was at CrossRoads Pet Resort:


The dogs and their humans had fun parading around in their costumes. Thank you to A.M. for making the treats !!

Later that evening I was off to the Caring Friends Cat Rescue Halloween Party FundRaiser. I am always impressed with the costumes people wear.

I support Caring Friends Cat Rescue. They are a small, local rescue group in Orange County, California. If you want to know more about them you can find them on facebook or click this link

xo     Inge

Oct 16, 2012

Bargain Alert! If your vegan and on a budget, or want to eat healthier and you live near a Stater Brothers grocery store...

Earth Balance spread and West Soy milk are both on sale!  Earth Balance is 1.99 a tub and West Soy is 1.29 to celebrate Non-GMO
month. If your store ran out, ask for a rain check.

Let's support those companies who do the right thing!

Oct 15, 2012

John and I went to Olive Garden for dinner. We used our gift certificate and I feel sick, bloated. I can really tell the differnce between fresh and processed food now, since I have been eating healthy for over a year. Their dinner rolls tasted like flour water and yeast, zero flavor. I'm happy we didn't pay for that meal. John's happy I chose not to interrogate our server about GMOs.

Oct 12, 2012

Halloween is right around the corner. Did you buy Halloween candy yet? Do you know if your favorite candy, the very ones you will buy to pass out to the ghosts and goblins (and keep a bag for yourself) contains GMOs?? Here's a partial list (thanks to Food Babe). It also lists candy that is Non- GMO.

I pledge to only buy from companies that are NON-GMO because they are the only ones who want to do the right thing. How about you?

xo  Inge

Sep 30, 2012

Yes on Proposition 37 to Label Genetically Engineered Food. We Have the ...

I swiped this chart off Food Babe's blog

I suggest fresh fruits and vegetables BUT I know we all like something to snack on occasionally, so why not be sure its good for us! And we are showing our support for those companies who are doing the right thing! Earning a living, while selling a product that is good for the environnment and good for us!

xo    Inge