Nov 20, 2012

I have been so busy these past few weeks that I have neglected my blogs, but I am back! As you know we lost Prop 37...the right to know what is in our food BUT we may have lost this battle but we will win the war! And I say war because it is. Monsanto fought a dirty campaign and we will not take it it lying down. So I will post those companies who were on the Monsanto wagon and refuse to be transparent about whats in their food products. I will also include alternatice companies who do care about they put in their food and have integrity.

So here goes the first group that sell food products for Thanksgiving.

Arrowhead Mills is GMO free and organic. You will find them in healthfood grocery store.

Here is a link written by Marlene's Market and Deli that expresses my beliefs about serving anything GMO to my friends and family:

Here is link to NON-GMO project where you will find all kinds of GMO Free foods:

They also have an app for your phone, so you know what you are buying.

This website also lists foods that probably contain GMOs and alternative choices:

I will continue to post companies that probably use GMOs in their foods in the future. I have called many of these companies and they are willing to tell me over the phone their stance on GMOs but will not send me anything in writing. Hmmmm.

xo   Inge


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