Dec 11, 2012

So I wake up 6 a.m. Thursday morning with burning pain that radiates all over my intestinal tract. After 2 hours I realize I have to get checked out by the docter....all I can think about is my $831 share of cost and wtf am I going to do now. I am able to get an appointmentt with my primary care doctor who charges $100...(I have to pay up front) but she says my skin looks yellow and there is blood in my urine ( my pain is still a level 10) its 1 p.m. and hubby and I have to go to Emergency where I sit for 4 hours...its crowded and 2 people are in life threatening situations -- so I have to wait my finally at 9 pm I get morphine and anti-nausea meds.... a cat-scan and by midnight its confirmed....acute appendicitus. I get a room by 3 am and by 5:30 I am getting prepped for surgery. I have been technically awake for 24 hours and getting grumpy. I am also reminded of 2 years ago and all the tests and pain, and I feel myself getting emotional.. so I try to stay focused on what is happening now.

I am in and out of surgery within one hour and back in my room by 10 am. I can now eat liquids but I cannot get any sleep. Everyone and their mother keeps checking on me so by 3 pm, I tell my nurse I want to go home. I have to show them I can walk and eat more food. I am released 10 o'clock that night. My stomach is sore and I can't fit into my pants because I am swollen but I am home.

Moral to my story: I cannot worry about things I cannot control. My bills will take care of themselves. I am thankful it was only my appendix.... 2 years ago this December my diagnosis was much worse and I landed on my feet.

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