Jul 2, 2010

Rolling Dog Ranch

There are sooooo many wonderful non-profits that help our furry friends and I want to spotlight one of them today... Rolling Dog Ranch.... they care for animals with disabilities. This group touched my heart because we have pets with disabilities and health issues. We did not intentionally seek out these animals they just found their way into our hearts. I think I mentioned before that it is my dream to have a shop that has new and used merchandise and the profits will go to help low income people pay their vet bills. I don't know how it will come about yet but I will let the Universe provide the way. I am glad to see there are others out there who devote their lives to helping these beautiful creatures. If you find yourself with some extra change this month, please give to a animal charity of your choice... it will definitely bring you excellent karma!



Hope your day is full of laughter! xo Inge

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