Apr 24, 2012

I'm Back!

I decided to keep both blogs but keep them seperate. This blog will be all about crafting, junking, growing succulents, and showcasing other blogs, links and people who are into the same things as me. I am a multi-facted person, so I want to nourish my creative part as well as my staying healthy part. I think the two are not mutually exclusive, however someone told me that its a good idea to keep my blog focused on one idea...so, I will blog about crafts, junking, succulents and the like on this blog.

My other blog...www.rectalcancermyass.blogspot.com/ will be all about life after cancer and staying healthy. Since I am multi-facted I have to include my activism about food, health, medicine (western and alternative), and of course stories of hope.

I even started crafting again and will show you my latest creation in my next post.

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