Apr 7, 2009

I am stuck at home today...

because I fell on my left knee at work yesterday. Booth number three has a new table... which is a foot and a half shorter than the booth... not only does it look like 1. the table shrank or 2. the person who installed the table is dyslexic, but it is a hazard. I know... I tripped over the seat when I was clearing away the dishes. My left foot caught on the left side of the booth and because my hands were full - I went down...hard...on my left knee. I couldn't get up ( my mind quickly flashed to the commercial where the old woman falls down and cries "I fell down and I can't get up!") Shit! I am for now that old woman. Several customers got up and helped me into the booth. Of course they were women... the men couldn't break away from the delicious burgers.
The owner's wife came in... took the necessary work comp information... John came and picked me up and took me to prompt care. Luckily no fractures but trama... really? is that why it hurts?
I have a leg brace and crutches.
I woke up this morning and my knee does feel better but my shoulder not so good. So here I am I lose 2 days pay because work comp does not kick in until I lose a minimum of 3 days... since I work 3 days a week it won't count unless I miss next Monday, which I know I won't... I will be better by then! What pisses me off is 1. the table should not be used if it is in this condition 2. the owner's wife did not say "sorry this happened to you"... I am almost certain she believes it was my fault... I am clumsy, blah, blah, blah 3. I lose 2 days pay and tips and with my tips already 40% down because business is next to nothing...well you get my drift. The up side is I have plenty of time to practise typing and I plan to watch lots of comedies.
Don't forget to laugh outloud!


d. moll, l.ac. said...

Get some homeopathic Arnica, internal and as an external gel or salve (I like Traumeel made by Heel). Internally you can take the Arnica 3-4 times a day, decrease as you start to feel better. Externally use a lot of this stuff, more than you think you should LOL. You can even make a compress on very sore brusied areas. Feel better soon.

Junkstylediva said...

thanks for the Arnica tip. I will send hubby to buy it asap!