May 30, 2010

Two of My Greatest Teachers

I have learned a lot from my pets lately. I lost 2 of them these past 12 months - Austin, a male orange, tabby cat and Olive, a teacup Chihuahua. I miss both of them everyday and think about how they lived and how they enriched my life. They had unique personalities and people were drawn to them like they were celebrities. There was something about their vibration that people wanted to be around.
The main thing I remember is they lived in the moment everyday. They were happy and showed it. They were persistent when they wanted something. They did not dwell about the past or worry about the future. They loved unconditionally. They adapted to change in their environment. They were grateful and showed it often. They relaxed and slept when and where they felt like it. They knew how to "go with the flow". They never held a grudge and were willing to forgive and forget. They lived in the now. They didn't need to read a book to teach them they just lived it - naturally.
I have other pets whom I love and I am grateful to share my life with. I see them differently now and want to learn from them. They each have their unique personalities too and live the same lifestyle Olive and Austin did. I see it now - I didn't notice it as much before. I want to learn from these wonderful furry teachers and live my life the same way.
I am grateful I was trusted by Source to take care of these animals and for them to trust, love, and teach me about life. I wish I had seen it earlier - but I guess better late than never and I "get it " now.
I am forever grateful!
Hope you have an "aha" moment this week and don't forget to laugh out loud.
xo Inge

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