May 25, 2008

What a busy weekend! Working at the antique shop in Paradise on Saturday, there was a moment I almost fell asleep! The sun was shining through the window and it felt sooo good and made me sooo sleepy! It's great when I work there because I can sit down whenever I want. When I am at the restaurant I have to stand even when it's slow.

My friend Vanessa graduated from Chico State today. She has a degree in Liberal Studies and a teaching credential. That young woman has been in school since she was in kindergarten. I can't imagine that. She worked at night at the restaurant and went to school full time in the day. It is a real shame... no it's a crime that the US which was once the greatest country does not view educaton as our societies greatest asset. European countries and Japan (there probably are more) take care of the younger generation and educate them for free. The students and their families take the education seriously and make sure they do their best. I have inlaws who live in Switzerland and their government gives their citizens every opportunity to be successful. Don't even get me started aout their health care system! I am proud of Vanessa because she worked hard to get that degree. I hope she will have an easier time getting a teaching job in California. I hope you hear me Arnold!

I managed to find time to find some of my wedding decorations this weekend. I will put them up for sale in my etsy shop just in time for the wedding season.

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