Aug 11, 2010

I know there has been non-stop news coverage about the infamous flight attendent, Steven Slater, but I have to put my two cents in. I have worked in customer service for well over 20 years, mostly as a food server and let me tell you serving food to the public can be a pain in the ass. If I had access to an emergency slide I would have used it at least one a month if not at times weekly. If you have worked in customer service then you know what I mean. If you haven't then you would not believe how people can treat others... not all mind you but a fair amount. There are people who think that food servers are stupid and are not capable of doing anything else... I am here to tell you it is one of the hardest jobs around. Try taking care of 6 tables at once with 4 people at each table and keeping everyone happy until their food arrives.. you try it! ... most of them think they are in their own private restaurant and cannot order off the menu, they must create their own version of the meal... which slows things down. Then there are the ones who must tell their whole life story right in the middle of dinner hour. If the food is cold, undercooked, overcooked, slow coming out it is always the server's fault. I think the best story is when I was Assistant Manager at Marie Callenders last year... this woman paid for her and a friend's meal with her bank card... the money came out of her checking account and a couple of hours later she came back angry at me that I did not tell her that the bank would put a hold on her funds and she did not have money left to buy essentials (it was a Friday and I guess the money was on hold until Monday) anyways somehow she decided it was my fault and I needed to refund her the money! How crazy is that! Not only are we to bring her food but now we must offer financial counseling? She threatened to call Corporate on me if I did not do what she said (If you have ever had to deal with Corporate you know that they will throw you under the bus in order to keep the customer happy) so as a compromise I gave her 2 free pies to take home. Which tells me she just wanted something for free.
Anyway, back to Steven, he did what we dream of doing and for that I elect him employee of the year!!!!!
Hope your week is fun and full of laughter and close proximity to an escape slide! xo Inge

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