Aug 13, 2010

Yesterday Cooper and I went to the Dog Days of Summer at the Fullerton Market. We met up with our friends Bob, Caryl and Harley.

Skipper enjoying the market with his new wheels

One of the attendees sporting his new summer Mohawk

One of the pooches looking for a wonderful new home

Thank you Doggie Dinners for donating all the dog treats!

Harley laughing at the Doggie Show

Cooper and Harley telling secrets

Harley found time for a quick pedicure

Bob finds out that you can lead a dog to the food bowl but you can't make him perform!

Cooper likes his new friend Caryl

Kathy and Lucy having fun at the market

Lucy showing off her hula dancing skills

There were lots of animal rescue organizations there.... if only I had a bigger home! Greyhound Rescue

I also want to give a shout out to the many terrific vendors selling delicious treats, toys, and doggie accessories. Here are their links: Fabulous pet photographer Enlightened training Adorable hand stitched pets Fun leashes for your pooch Delicious healthy food for your pets

Cooper and I had sooooo much fun! It was a great way to spend a Thursday afternoon.

Hope your week is fun and full of howling laughter! xo Inge

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