Aug 29, 2010

Friends in Need Animal Rescue

I was at the dog park today with our furbabies, it finally cooled off enough to take Lucy out... she is prone to seizures if she is in the heat too long even though she is taking anti-seizure meds. A family showed up with a triped dog, a corgi mix... this dog walked and played like normal with the other dogs. What I found amazing is that the woman told us that the dog had just been rescued off the street and lost its leg only two weeks ago. It had apparantly had been hit by a car and the leg bone started mending itself for a while (it was not fresh break) the only way to save the dog was to amputate. These people were not rich by any means but they opened their hearts and pocket book to save this dog.

These stories make me want to start my foundation even more. One way or another I will find a way to open and run my thrift shop so I can help people like the ones I met a the dog park pay their vet bills. For now I have to put that dream on hold because I have to work to pay my own vet bills, not to mention the everyday stuff. I would like to find a local animal organization that I can volunteer at and learn the ropes until I can afford to open my own place.

I found this animal rescue on Google... I sure would like to have something like this as well. For now I will keep dreaming and rescuing as many animals that I can... after all dreams really do come true!

Hope your week is fun and don't forget to laugh outloud!
xoxo Inge

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Anonymous said...

thanks very much for sharing all
that you do, I am here in the
wings - waiting until I can
learn how to make and creater
more of a blog, etc. we llike
allll the same woman - running]
through that list made my jaw
drop, it was right on!!!! thanks
very much
take care\
Cindy, from Baltimore