May 13, 2011

My rehab is going very well. A couple of days ago James took me to our friends condo and I climbed the stairs to get to it. I haven't done that in 5 months. My leg is feeling better too... I am so grateful. It is still uncomfortable to sit on my butt for any length of time but that will get better with time.

My next goal is to drive...once I achieve that I'm free! Now don't get me wrong there are still thing that pop challenges...ever since I did the scan my phobias have reappeared...anxiety and panic was those that got me out of the house least I think so...fresh air is therapeutic at least for me. I know it's in my head but anyone who experiences the same knows the fear seems so real.

Then there is my nose and my sense of smell... I can't be around any chemical smell disguised as
a fragrance... be it deodorant or laundry soap. I never had that problem before. These problems can be overcome compared to what I know other people with the c-word are going through. I am definitely not complaining! Every day is a gift and I won't forget that :)
xo Inge

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