May 23, 2011

As you know I Changed my diet....mostly vegan...I say mostly because I do eat dairy at times. I was watching Dr. Oz last week and he did a show about diet and how most Americans still do not eat enough fruits and veggies, which means their ph level is acidic. That got me thinking...what is my ph and how do I find out if I am getting enough fruits and I bought some ph strips today. I found them at Henry's Market which has lots of healthy food and vitamins. I recommend you buy some and just see what your ph level is. Anyways I just took mine and my ph is 7.0...right in the middle where I want to be...the color is green...anything yellowish is acid and blue is alkaline...I think I could even go more bluish...maybe an extra 8 oz green juice will do the trick. xo Inge

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