May 4, 2011

James is going home tomorrow for a few days... so I got in my car today and drove around the parking area in my condominium. I want to be mobile when I am alone...which is alot because John works full time...and last week I was getting depressed with a dose of panic attacks...I suffered from them many years ago and they made my life miserable...anyone suffering from them knows what I mean...anyways I cannot allow myself to go down that road. I have come to far and I want to get my life back. My doctors are happy with my progress and want me to continue to get out and walk as much as possible...that is the key to my full recovery.

I also gained 2 more pounds...I weigh 138...that's 10 pounds less than before I got sick. Did I mention my juicer is here? I'm glad I got the mini because it is huge! I already made myself a cucumber-apple juice...YUM! It really makes alot of I have to find a store that sells organic least cucumbers, apples, and celery...oh and not pay a huge amount. It is a crime that the food that is healthy costs more and the food that is bad is cheap! John & I were in Von's today and they did not have anything organic to offer in the produce section...I talked to the produce guy about it and he told me that organic just does not sell in that store but the store across town does. So we went over to the milk section to buy some organic milk and all the organic ones expired today...I mean there was maybe one missing but the regular milk-pumped full of hormones was nearly sold out! The produce guy was doesn't sell in that store. So I plan to call around and find out which stores do sell organic and hopefully at a reasonable price. xo Inge

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