May 2, 2011

Yesterday was a big day for me. I shopped at Trader Joes with my hubby...I have not been in a store in over 4 months...I held onto the shopping cart and John put in the groceries. It's interesting to get excited about something we do evryday without giving it much thought except for what is on the list.

Then we went to a BBQ party at our friends condo. The weather was lovely...I sat in the shade and watched the playing in then pool...meeting new people. I met a retired couple
who own a travel trailer...they took 6 years off and explored the US and Canada. That is what John and I want to do...well, not travel the whole US but parts of it...Route 66 for sure. We plan to rent a Mini Wini or something similar and snoop around Arizona and California.

For now I am happy driving around Anaheim...sitting in the fresh air...oh, and sitting in the front seat of the car...I have been laying down in the back seat because my tush was too tender to sit on...the front seat is not that comfy but I make it work.
xo Inge

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