Apr 28, 2008

Olive and I are back from L.A. Wow! What a whirlwind trip! I don't know how the settlers did it back in the day traveling across country. I found myself getting antsy the last 100 miles! I really do like driving better than flying because I enjoy seeing the countryside.

Back to work today. I wonder what adventures Jack's will have instore for me. I would much rather dabble in my art, or surf the web, or research moving to L.A. There is so much to think about, a new home, new job, and coordinating all of that! I think I will break it down to cities from L.A. to San Diego. There are alot. This will be a big move, so I need to research everything I can this time. I didn't do such a great job when we moved to Chico, especially in the wage department. But we needed to get out of S.F. because the environment was taking it's toll on my well being.

I need to get ready for work...

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