Apr 25, 2008

It's Saturday night and I'm giving my blog some love. Olive and I drove down from Chico to babysit my son, James furry kids while he and his girlfriend went to the concert in Cochello. We snooped around some thrift stores and I found some cute shirts. The thrift stores are a bit more expensive here but they have better quality stuff.
Tomorrow we will drive to San Diego and stop at yard sales on the way. Fun! Fun! Fun! Then we head back to Chico on Sunday, and if I can find it we will stop at the Santa Monica Flea Market. The freeways here are confusing and the drivers are going so fast I have only 3 seconds to decide where to exit so I don't get run over! And don't let me get started with the pollution! I read that the pollution from China finds it's way here via the jet stream. Can you believe it?!
I would like to tell you about an etsy shop that I discovered, http://www.designsbycher.etsy.com/ . I bought a pair of earrings from her and I really like them. Be sure to check out her shop, you might find that perfect Mother's Day gift!


Jonesy said...

good luck in the flea markets!!!


sguyot said...

very cool shades !