Jun 27, 2012

I drove to Los Angeles yesterday to meet James for lunch. He flew in from the Bay Area to work the Katey Perry event. She made an autobiographical movie. I guess thats the new thing now...since the reality shows are popular. I didn't get to see her performance before the movie premiere but I did visit Hollywood Forever Cemetary. I have gone before and since I like hanging out in cemetaries I enjoyed myself. Its always so peaceful and I think the residents like the company.

We also got a tour of Capitol Records (James employer), especially the roof, where we could see for miles...the smog wasn't bad that day.

My role models growing up

We ate lunch at Tender Greens. James said he would take me to a vegan restaurant but I let him off the hook and we settled for an organic place close to his work. I had the *Happy Vegan* salad but it looked more like birdseed with cranberries and lots of lettuce.

There was a Vegan smoothie truck parked on the street and I got a delicious smoothie. I don't remember all the goodies in it but I will look it up and post another day
His work put him up at the W Hotel. Look at that fancy staircase.
James is all ready to go help out Katy...

That bed is feather, with feather pillows. So comfey!

I took lots of pics at the cemetary and will post those next time.

xo  Inge

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