Oct 10, 2008

I Brake For Vintage!

Especially cowgirl style! My heart races when I see a yard sale... I always snoop through the local thrift store, even when I'm on vacation, infact I prefer to shop vintage where ever I go! ... and don't get me started about flea markets! I enjoy shopping online too... I am listed in the Handmade Product Shopping Directory, http://www.dmpmc.net/THMD/ recently they added a new section... The Arizona Vintage Loft and I found a shop who is all about what I like to call TexMex style. If you like vintage cowgirl collectibles and clothing you must stop in Cowgirl Junk www.cowgirljunk.etsy.com/
Kelly, the owner of Cowgirl Junk has been selling on ebay since 1998 and has been selling on
etsy.com since 2006. Her shops original name was Highway to Hell Antiques and Junque.

Kelly started going to yard sales with her Grandmother every Saturday when she was about 7, and as soon as she was old enough to drive she needed a bumper sticker that said "I brake for yard sales, thrift stores and antique stores". She wore vintage clothing in junior high, and still has some vintage clothing she wore in high school! When asked if she considers herself a cowgirl...she replies... " I live and breathe it... I have 5 horses and a tractor!" "I wear boots with formal dresses on the rare occasion I have to go formal. I think it was at the Autry Museum where I read, in the heyday of rodeo and wild west shows there was 1 cowgirl for every 100 cowboys. I became rather obsessed with collecting any and all things those rare women might have used or owned.My own home looks like a cross between a working ranch, lodge, cabin, victorian, gypsy wagon, dude ranch, shabby, cantina and bordello. I even built my own old west town facade around my swim'n hole... complete with jail, blacksmith and saloon!"

If you like western themed collectibles and accessories you must visit this fun shop!

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Kelly said...

Thank you Junkstyle Diva for featuring cowgirljunk here!
I'm honored and hope we get to go junk'n together very soon :)