Jun 28, 2010

I have been interested in politics since I turned 30... participated and helped organize some protests... volunteered for presidential campaigns. But this past year I have been angry with the way things are going. (I know we manifested the government we have) but there has been one man I always stopped to watch... Senator Robert Byrd. I was fascinated by him when I watched a biography of his life a few years ago. He is (in my opinion) one of the few willing to stand up to the b*#st being thrown around our political offices... I don't know if it is his age 92 that made him speak his mind or what. He also turned his life around and apologized for some choices he made when he was young, which made me respect him even more. He really took his public office oath to heart and I believe lived from his heart. I am sad he has crossed over... not because of the votes he cannot participate in but because he was a great role model.

I know its all about manifesting the world we want but I also believe action is also required. I want to have the courage like Senator Byrd to speak up against injustices and morally corrupt behavior when I see it. I also want to attract like minded people into my life. I will miss watching him rant and rave on the Senate floor...

xo Inge

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