Nov 6, 2010

Not having a computer at home is really not that bad. I decided to live dangerously today and left the house without my cell phone and bottled water! I am lucky to live close to a library that has nearly a million computers. We don't know how useful our local libraries are until we need them. There are just some things like libraries, fire departments, police, mail service, garbage pick up... well, you get it... that are worth paying our taxes for. All this talk of privatizing these organizations that we now pay for with our tax dollars would really be a mess if we went that route. Not everything has to be about money and making a profit. We are a society and we have to learn to live together whether we like it or not. I am happy with how the elections turned out in California. I am all for seeing women in office but these were not the right women for me. I did not like their track record or ideas.

Hope your weekend is fun and don't forget to laugh out loud!

xo Inge

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