Dec 30, 2010

It has been ages since my last blog entry. I am using my son, James laptop since mine is still out of order. I will cut to the chase... I am in UC Irvine Hospital right now. Apparently my butt has an issue... the C word. I have a great medical team here and am confident that I will get better but I would like to have your thoughts and prayers to help me out as well. I know the power of prayer is strong and miracles happen every day. I will keep you posted... I guess my hemorrhoid issue turned out to be a blessing. If I was not aware of that I would not have come into have it checked out. Thanks in advance for your support.
And don't forget to laugh out loud!!!! xo Inge


Junkstylediva said...

You are gonna whoop this!!! I LOVE YOU MOM!!!

Anonymous said...

Go Inge go!! You have such light and life force, thanks to James for sharing your blog, wishing you health and love. xoxo - Nickie T.