May 28, 2012

I went with a friend to the Old Tustin Flea Market to sell off some of my vintage things. They are leftovers from when I rented a booth at the antique mall in Paradise. Carole made handmade shoulder bag/purses to sell. I broke even, but had hoped to make a profit. Well, at least I didn't lose money. I will have to rethink things and maybe embellish things add candles to the candle sticks and hang some bobbles from it. I noticed that the booths that did the best are still Shabby Chic style.

I am limited to what I can sell because I cannot carry alot of things around. I still need the walker because I can lose my balance easily. I cannot always depend on Carole wanting to sell with me either. I'm thinking of selling the bath salts and foot soaks again and package them in shabby containers; sell succulents in vintage containers...basically sell items that can be bought for gifts or personal use and are priced low but not too low where I can't make a decent profit. I also need to be able to set up the booth by myself.

Here are some photos of the bags Carole is selling. One of the leopard print bags has a compartment to hold a cell phone. They are big enough to hold a Kindle or Ipad and she sells them for $15 plus shipping.  If you would like one leave a comment and I will contact her.

xo  Inge

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